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  1. My youngest is just getting into puzzles, we have made some of our own, which both my kiddos like doing, since they get to color them first then cut them, if they are old enough then put them back together. They have a blast doing it, and big bonus it keeps them quiet for quite a while, while they are coloring and cutting and putting them together, so major win in this moms book!!!

  2. babiestobookworms says:

    These look so cute! My daughter was given a cube puzzle that is a little old for her yet, and it’s much harder than a regular puzzle! It even takes us a few tries to get it right when putting it away!

  3. I love doing puzzles with my little guys!
    So much fun – although i have never seen these ones before, they looks so cute!
    ill have to give them a try ! 🙂

  4. We love cube puzzles! So much fun!

  5. My little ones love puzzles and my tiniest guy is into blocks so a block puzzle is the perfect toy for all 3 of my kids to utilize.

  6. These cube puzzles look so nice! We are a big fan of puzzles and my girls have a variety and they love playing them. Puzzles are a great way to educate the kids while having fun at the same time. Thanks for sharing this!