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Do you have a picky eater in the house who just refuses to eat anything healthy? I know I do – in fact, I have two! It seems that every time I find something healthy that they will eat, I’ll stock up on it, and then they’ll change their mind. After 6 years, though, I think I’ve cracked the code! I have found the answer to getting picky eaters to eat good, healthy food, consistently! 

First, let me preface this post, but saying that when I think of “healthy” foods for little ones, I’m usually thinking of something that’s void of crazyour-best-bites-flat-lay-7 chemicals or by products, contains a decent amount of calories and healthy fats, isn’t off the chart on sugar, and contains protein and carbs. If it’s organic, it’s also a nice perk (but when I’m desperate to get them to eat something of substance, it’s not a criteria!)

I’ve noticed most kids won’t turn down ice cream or popsicles. I used to make my own  using those so-called healthy juices/smoothies until I noticed that they are crazy high in sugar! (Even the ones with added vegetables!) When my now 2-year-old was only about a year old, he’d point to the freezer to ask me for a popsicle. That got me thinking of what I could put into popsicle form that he might eat.

Around the same time, I saw a TV commercial for GO-GURTS. In the commercial, they said how you can freeze GO-GURTS and then put the frozen yogurt in your kid’s lunch bag. The yogurt would serve as an ice pack during the day and be defrosted yet cold in time for lunch. (This is a great trick by the way!)

When I saw this commercial,  I had an epiphany! I knew exactly what I would be able to get my kids to eat, that’s fun for them, healthy, and silly easy to prepare. This would be a perfect picky-eater-approved snack!


It seems to simple, and yet I have never met another mom who feeds these to their kids! I’ve served this at playdates and I always love the “ah hah!” moment on the moms’ faces when I pull these out of the freezer! (I genuinely get a good laugh out of it…)

I always almost hear “Why didn’t I think of that?”

So thank you to GO-GURT for giving me the idea but… I have to say that I don’t serve my kids GO-GURT most of the time. i actually love the Chobani ones and here’s why…

Look at the GO-GURT nutritional label:

go-gurt tube yogurt for picky eaters

Then look at the CHOBANI ones:



It’s pretty clear that the Chobani yogurt tubs are much healthy and less artificial for our kids. If my kids are going to eat just one thing, or mostly one thing, I’ll pick Chobani over Go-Gurt any day! It has:

  • 2g less sugar
  • 4g more protein
  • 0.5g more fat
  • Has active cultures
  • Has ingredients I would cook with myself and more…

Now I’m just a mom, I’m not a doctor, but the Chobani seems like a healthier choice to me, and I can’t see the harm in my kids eating this if they refuse anything else of substance!

So, if you’re interested in trying this out, it’s super simple!

  1. Buy a box or 3 of Chobani Yogurt tubes. My kids love all the flavors so I usually just grab the first one I see.
  2. Pop the entire box into the freezer.
  3. When you’re ready to serve  it, just pull one out of the box and cut the top off. I usually use a scissor because it’s easier.
  4. Peel back about half the tube plastic
  5. Wrap a paper towel around the bottom part that’s still in the tube (it’ll be super cold!)
  6. Serve!

Hint #1

Your little one will likely need help once they eat the half of the “healthy popsicle” that you pulled the plastic off of. When that happens, just push about half of the remaining yogurt through the top (just push from the bottom up). Once they are done eating that part, the remaining 1/4 will likely be soft and they’ll probably be able to sip that out themselves!


If your little ones need a change, you can remove the frozen yogurt from the tube, chop it up (it doesn’t need to be neat) and serve them the pieces! It’s a great snack.

It’s really that easy!

So there you have it! If you have a picky eater, try serving them frozen Chobani Yogurt tubes and tell them it’s ice cream if they need a little encouragement to try it. Once they try it, I bet they’ll be hooked for a long time and you’ll know that they’re getting some key wholesome and healthy macro nutrients (made from ingredients you can recognize and trust!).

Please let me know if you’ll be trying this and how it works out for you by posting in the comments below!

Do you have a picky eater in the house who just refuses to eat anything healthy? I know I do - in fact, I have two! I've cracked the code!
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