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  1. That’s a cool hack! A super easy one for mommies n daddies on wanderlust with toddlers. I know how it feels – a well deserved respite from our naughty little angels 🙂

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Thanks Vaishnava! Glad you like it!

  2. Lhourdes Mercadero says:

    So true,kids won’t stay long and will get bored. Thanks for this wonderful and helpful hack.

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Thanks Lourdes! Being bored isn’t the worst thing for them if course…just not on a long car ride!

  3. Great idea. I need to remember this when our in car DVD player kicks the bucket! Thanks 🙂

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Hi Tina – yup! Hopefully it outlived the car, but it not, this should work !

  4. This is a fantastic! I’ll have to check this out when my lo is older ^.^

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Hi Briana – thanks !

  5. Oh my heck! Where was this hack when I needed it years ago. Now, my kiddos are older and can maneuver things easily. Yet, I may keep this in mind. You never know!