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What if motherhood came with a guide?

It doesn’t but I’ve dedicated this blog to helping moms like you navigate motherhood as if it did!

I have a knack for coming up with hacks and finding great ways to manage our family schedule (multi-tasking pro at your service!).I also love to learned, experiment and research, AND because I’ve worked in marketing and sales my whole career, I can see products for what they really are (I’m a hard sell!).

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PLUS I create free downloadable tools like checklists and planners that you can access anytime through my library!

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Easy STEM Projects For Kids of All Ages

Looking for fun and educational activities for your kids? How about a STEM project? Check out this post for a great resource that has lots of STEM focused projects – most of which you can easily do with stuff you have already!

26 Breastfeeding Facts No One Will Tell You

While breastfeeding is absolutely natural, there’s also a lot that you and your baby need to learn! Here are 26 facts about breastfeeding that no one will tell you when you’re pregnant … these tend to only come up once you are having challenges! So let’s skip straight to it so you can get things off to a great start!

A Guide to Great Wolf Lodge From a Mom of 3

A guide to Great Wolf Lodge full of Great Wolf Lodge tips, information about activities like MagicQuest, story time and creation station and info about rooms, pricing, how long you should stay, family vacation tips, food and more!

My baby girl is 10th months old, and I was able to breastfeed her thanks to your article (The Breastfeeding Mom’s Guide To Latch)
I have inverted nipples and I couldn’t breastfeed her until she was 2 months old and when I finally did it, it was the most beautiful achievement in my life.
I am so proud of me and her, and I am also thankful for my milk and my body! I stopped producing milk 2 days ago… So, it is the end. The whole experience means a lot for me. I miss those moments… and if I was able to accomplish it it was thanks to your guide.
Thank you very much! You helped us!


Rachel's 11 ways to make mornings easier

I’ve asked around, and the #1 thing most moms seem to want help with is making their mornings easier and I can relate! So many articles and posts out there will tell moms to wake up a “few” minutes earlier so they can get done more in the morning… REALLY?! We get so little sleep as it is! What mom can sacrifice ANY sleep?  I can’t! So here’s my 11 tips for how you can make your mornings run a bit more smoothly, get the kids out the door, keep your sanity, and NOT sacrifice any more sleep!

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Here’s three of my top posts to get you started! Don’t see what you’re looking for? Use the search icon on the top right to search for anything or pick from the drop downs in my header!