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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drop your super dirty car seat or stroller off somewhere and have it expertly cleaned while you take care of errands? (Yes, that was a rhetorical question… OF COURSE IT WOULD!)

(Spoiler alert… There’s a giveaway at the end of this post!)

In my parenting tips roundup, I shared a story about my little one throwing up in the car on the way to Great Wolf Lodge and shared one of my favorite tips for preventing car sickness. But let’s face it, mishaps in the car can and will still happen no matter how hard we try to prevent them. That’s why, I was so excited to learn about Tot Squad!

I met Hayden from Tot Squad at a Fall Festival in Mosaic District in Virginia. I first stopped at the table because I was intrigued by the name. Then I learned about their services and was hooked!  I knew I had to share what they can do!

First, let me ask you…

  1. When’s the last time you cleaned your stroller or car seat? I mean REALLY cleaned it? I don’t know about you, but mine don’t usually look brand new.
  2. Have you ever checked your car seat cleaning guidelines? Did you know that some cleaning products could compromise your car seat’s effectiveness? That means that some cleaning products could cause your car seat to NOT work in an accident!
  3. Are you expecting a baby and need to “dust off” a car seat or stroller, or plan to get one second hand? Have you considered what could have accumulated on the gear that could cause your little one to have an allergic reaction or worse?

That’s where Tot Squad comes in! They setup shop in convenient locations like Babies R Us, indoor play areas and playgrounds. You just check their calendar of events to see when they are going to be at a location that works for you, schedule a cleaning, and then drop your gear off while you run your errands or let your kids play! When it’s done, you pick it up and go about your day!

If that weren’t convenient enough, there are also lots of other perks!

#1: They only use Non-Toxic cleaning products from The Honest Company!

If you’re a regular reading of my blog, then you already know that I’m a huge fan of The Honest Company. It’s the only company I’ve come across that is non-toxic, smells great, is super effective, and doesn’t require extra elbow grease!

I love that Tot Squad uses their products to clean baby gear! Sure 409 might do wonders to clean a really dirty stroller, but do you really want your kid to sit in that?


#2: They put safety first!

Tot Squad follows manufacturer guidelines to ensure that the safety of the gear isn’t compromised.  Car seats especially are designed to be extremely effective and reliable under extreme conditions. Did you know that certain cleaning products can actually cause a car seat to fail in a car accident? Why take that risk? Tot Squad makes sure to follow their guidelines so that the car seat will still hold up and do its job in an accident!

#3: Tot Squad goes where you go – or where you are!

They operate daily at different locations around town. Chances are they will be somewhere that you plan on going. You can check their calendar to see where they will be next and just drop off your items whenever it’s convenient!

If you don’t find a date and time that works for you or you have lots of items to clean, Tot Squad can come to YOU!

Tot Squad D.C. Photo

Tot Squad D.C. Photo

#4: They take safety VERY seriously!

Really… They have certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPSTs) who will reassemble and reinstall your baby gear so that you can be sure it will be safe for your little one to use! (See a theme?)

I personally have NO idea how to install my kid’s car seats. None. Not even a little. I can’t take it apart and put it back together either. (Actually, I have a hard enough time taking it apart…).  To have someone on their staff who can take care of that for me is a huge plus!


I’ve mostly spoken about car seats and strollers, but they clean so much more! It seems to me, that if a baby or kid uses it, they can clean it!

  • Clip on high chair
  • Baby sling/carrier
  • Baby swing/bouncer
  • Baby jumper
  • Baby walker
  • Floor play pad
  • Pack n’ play
  • Play yard
  • Co-sleeper
  • High chair
  • Glider

A few weeks ago, I asked Tot Squad if they’d partner with me and donate a cleaning package and some goodies to benefit a fundraiser to support Alzheimer’s research. Hayden didn’t miss a beat and immediately said yes! Here’s a picture of me with their really generous gift at the raffle!


When I stopped by one of their mobile locations to pickup the prize on my way to the raffle, I got to meet Heather and see her in action!


She showed me the process and let me witness her at work. It was really amazing to see how thorough she was and how she took pride in her work! I didn’t know that someone could be in such a good mood while cleaning. I can’t wait to bring my car seat in!


Sadly I didn’t remember to get a true before and after picture but this should hopefully give you a sense of what they can do! Here’s a stroller she had not yet started work on:


and here’s a stroller she had JUST finished working on! It’s absolutely spotless and she said it started out way worse than the one pictured above. These pictures don’t do her work justice! The stroller came out absolutely spotless!


I’m really impressed by what they can do! If you are too, then please check them out.

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area then I hope you’ll contact Hayden. You can take a look at her Tot Squad website or contact her and her team here.

Not in D.C.? That’s okay! Tot Squad is located in a few other places too!

Los Angeles, Orange County

San Diego

New York City

I’m so excited there’s a Tot Squad near me! Please comment below and let me know what you think. If they don’t have a presence in your area, maybe they’ll open one soon.


Need a safe way to clean your baby's car seat, stroller or anything else? Don't have a lot of time? Tot Squad just might be the answer!

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