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this post may contain affiliate links

Are you a new mom and just looking for some parenting tips? Or maybe you’re a seasoned mom and looking for some new ideas… Well I’ve got a great collection of parenting tips for you ranging from baby parenting tips to school-aged-kid parenting tips! These tips are from some of my favorite fellow bloggers and if you’re looking for some inspiration, some new ideas, or just some new great blogs to check out, then you’ll love this list!

Parenting Tip #1: Potty Training

We all need potty training advice at some point right? One of my favorite Potty Training Advice posts comes from Silver Linings. I love how she breaks down the advice she’d read vs what worked for her and her little one.  Here’s a sneak peek:

“Potty training is something most moms dread. It is scary to begin something that the child might not take to or get averse to in the process of teaching. My first advice is just to begin. Most moms say, ‘I’m waiting for him/her to be ready.’ But children are more resilient than we imagine. Once you take heart and get going, many a times the child follows your lead. It is all a matter of figuring out the best approach to getting them comfortable on the potty.” Want to get her advice and tips? Click here for her full post!


My own two cents

If you’re about to embark on potty training, I can’t stress enough… Don’t leave the house without multiple changes of clothes (including socks!), some plastic shopping bags or baggies (to put dirty clothes in), and a foldable travel seat cover (we have this one) that you store in its own ziplock bag. Also, grab a few seat liners to keep handy in case a bathroom you’re going to doesn’t have them. Put the seat liner down first and THEN put your seat cover on top of it. This way, you keep the seat cover as “clean” as possible. After all, you’re about to put it back in your bag right?

Parenting Tip #2: Dealing With Car Sickness

Oh. My. God…. You’ve been there before I’m sure. Right? You’re all packed up, the kids are in the car and you FINALLY hit the road. Then it happens… UGH! Your adorable little one vomits and it’s everywhere. And you’re in the car. Away from home! (I’m cringing as I write this!)

This happened to me on our last trip to Great Wolf Lodge in the middle of the summer. I had to take the car seat apart at the hotel and clean it. That was fun…

Anyway, Miriam from The Very Best Baby Stuff has some amazing tips for preventing and dealing with car sickness (and the eventual mess). She even has a tip for how to stop car sickness in it’s tracks!! One of her tips – limiting sensory input – is one of my favorites and one that I often forget! These tips are so practical. It’s a must read for sure if your little ones tend to get sick!  Read her full list of tips and advice here. (Bookmark it – or pin it! – and reference it before your next trip!)


My personal Tip

Always have a change of clothes (at least a shirt), some garbage bags, paper towels, and wipes in your car. Really… You never know when an accident might happen. It could be vomit or an exploding juice box. Just be prepared! (Actually, there’s a long list of things you need to have in your car but I’ll cover that another day!)

By the way, if you need a great laugh and you haven’t seen it yet, then you need to read this dad’s reaction to his son vomiting in the car!

Parenting Tip #3: Getting Kids Out The Door

I have a great post about making your mornings run more smoothly called “11 Ways To Make Your Mornings Easier” and while I’ve gotten some great feedback about this tips already, I think there’s always room for improvement… right? So here’s a tip from Carolyn at


“Give 2 choices but the results of both choices end with the result you want. Some examples are, ‘Do you want to fly to the car like Superman or Batman?’ and ‘Do you want to put your coat on or carry it?'”. To learn more about this tip, go to Carolyn’s post here.

I LOVE this idea and will definitely try this out more. How about you?

Parenting Tip #4: Getting Your Baby To Sleep Better

When you’re in the newborn stage, getting some sleep can sometimes feel impossible! I’ve got a post about helping your 3-9 month old sleep better. You can never have enough baby sleep tips though right?!

Jasmine from has got 7 awesome and realistic tips for helping your baby sleep better! My favorite is “Hum, don’t sing. Your baby will be soothed not only by a sweet melody, but also by the vibrations on your chest as you hum. Is that cool, or what?”


I love her tips! Let’s face it – every baby is different. Personally, I have two kids who had very different sleep habits. One slept great starting at 4 months old, and the other still struggles with sleeping through the night (and he’s 2 1/2!) I don’t think you can ever have too many sleeping tips!

To read her 6 other tips, click here to see her full post!

 Parenting Tip #5: The Number 1 Rule

Tamara from Parenting 2 – Home Kids has a great post about knowing an establishing The #1 Rule. In her post, she identifies this rule as “Respect The Mother”. I love this tip because so often we overwhelm our kids with rules. It’s often hard for them to remember a handful of rules (or more if they are older). When you boil it down to one rule though, it’s much easier and more effective.

My dad and I can (now) joke about the “house rules”. Any time I got in trouble, I was given a list of house rules that I needed to follow. I’ll admit, this wasn’t very effective in my case and I don’t think a list of house rules would be effective with my kids. One rule though… That I think we could all follow, right? I highly recommend reading more about this method (and an adapted version) here.

I hope you liked these posts and blogs! There are so many amazing mommy bloggers out there with great tips! It was hard to pick just a few to share here.

Do you use any of these tips already? How are they working for you? Any other great tips to share? Leave a comment below.

5 key parenting tips from my favorite parenting bloggers! From baby to school-aged kids, this list is a must read!