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  1. Great tips! thank you! Usually we go with what the little wants to be for Halloween and then I’m thinking of these things after I’ve already bought the costume. 🙁

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      You are welcome ! I know what you mean! I thought about it too late a few years in a row too! Hopefully I got this post out in time and you haven’t bought the costumes yet!

  2. Love the tips, I will definitely get my girls some glow sticks. I usually don’t have to worry about masks, because my girls don’t really like them. But I know they’ll enjoy the glow sticks.

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:


      So glad you found his post useful! I love anything that will be helpful and make my kids happy!

  3. Great idea! My daughter LOVES anything that glows in the dark. Definitely doing this on Halloween.

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      That’s great! I’m so glad you like this idea (and that your daughter will like it too)!

  4. I’ve got a skeleton and a doughnut. I am using glow in the dark paints on the skeleton because of the black in his costume. great idea about the glow sticks. Our kids stick very close to us trick-or-treating.

  5. I love the idea of glow stick accessories! That’s genius! We don’t do treak-or-treating, but I’m going to pass that on to my friends who do. Plus, I’m sure there are other times that would come in handy besides Halloween.

  6. Glow in the dark accessories is such a fun and practical solution! We are still in the toddler and baby stages, but I’ll have to remember this for future reference.

  7. I always go out with our boys door to door while trick or treating, and we usually go before the sun is down. But I’m thinking of adding glow in the dark items to their costumes this year for added safety, but also some more fun!

  8. It’s is such a sweet post! I like the colorfull glow lights idea and having them wear a costume that fits! Over here these trunk or treat it’s way easier then going to house to house and still a lot of fun.

  9. This is my first year trick or treating with my little guy. He’s 3 and asked to do it this year. I never even thought about the safety in all of this. Especially when it comes to the costume. Thank you for sharing these tips! We love glow sticks too! I may have to try using them on Halloween.

  10. Great tips, mama! Love the glow in the dark accessories! Such a fun idea and great way to stay safe!