Do you love all things gardening? Why not share that love and joy with your little ones? If you’re looking for super fun gardening activities with kids, you’re at the right spot. This list is packed full of fun that will keep them active and creative, all at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like being out in the garden, digging your hands in the dirt. And this is especially true when the kids are young and looking for a “mom-approved” way to get messy. And even though the temperature might be changing and the season, too, that doesn’t mean that your love for teaching your child all about gardening should stop.

Garden activities are great and should be done all year long. I’ve done all the hard part for you and gathered up a list of great garden activities that the kids are certain to enjoy.

Super Fun Gardening Activities with Kids

When it comes to gardening, there is always something fun to do. Let this list be a guide to get you think-tanking of even more fun ways to spend time with the kids loving the garden life.

1. Grow Sunflowers with Kids

Sunflowers are so much fun to grow! Not only are they beautiful, but they are actually pretty easy to care for, too. Start your little one off with a gardening win and plant and grow your very own sunflowers at home.

2. Painting Garden Rocks

Everyone loves to paint! And we all know those garden markers are important, right? How else will you be able to keep track of what you’ve plated and where things are? Or like the picture shows, you can play a really cool version of tic tac toe, too!

These simple garden painted rocks are a lot of fun and mean that every age can join. What you’ll find is that once you give the kids a bit of creativity, they’ll love creating unique and fun rocks for the garden area.

3. Grow Strawberries

Strawberry beds are the best. If you’re wanting to plant a snack that the kids can run right outside and eat, teaching them how to grow their own strawberries is awesome.

And the best part? Strawberry beds will continue to grow back each and every year. What an awesome bonus!

4. Create a Paper Plate Greenhouse

The best part about gardening is that you don’t even need to have a huge space to make it happen. This STEM activity shows you that if you have paper plates and a few other supplies, you can easily create a DIY greenhouse that can actually grow food or other plants!

Talk about the perfect science lesson to do at home!

5. Egg Carton Seed Trays

As I mentioned earlier, small spaces for gardening are not a problem at all. What you’ll notice is that even in a small space, you can still produce a big crop or plant.

Upcycling your egg carton trays and using them as seed starters is a great way to teach your kid this lesson. It’s also a fun way to get started gardening indoors even when the weather isn’t quite ready outside yet.

6. Create a fairy village

Fairies are awesome in their own right but when you pair them up with your child’s imagination, they’re out of this world amazing. This means that your child can easily create their very own fairy garden or village with easy.

It’s a great way to get them into the outdoor space by letting them create a small corner of the earth that is all about them.

7. Garden Stepping Stones

What I love most about garden stepping stones is that they’re made with creativity and are also a keepsake that can stay in your garden space forever. As your child gets older, they’ll be able to look back and see their creation over and over again.

Let them use as many fun decorations as they want to create a bright and colorful stepping stone for your garden. It just adds so much fun and depth!

8. Mini Plant Pots

When it comes to having potted plants around the house and garden, why not let the kids create them? These mini plant pots are so much fun to make and they’re just the cutest, too!

You can have these outside on the porch area or inside in and around the windows. They make for a really great focal point and can add in a ton of fun and bright colors.

9. Plant Grass Heads

Holy moly, these grass heads are fun. Think of them like your own little Chia pets that you’re able to plant and grow with the kids. Draw cute faces on the outside of the pots and watch as the “hair” grows in.

And if the kids want to trim and give a haircut, let them learn about how to properly take care and trim their plants!

10. Painted Cinder Blocks

Adding painted cinder blocks to your garden space is a great idea. Not only does that mean that you can teach your little ones how to grow a raised garden area but you can then let them decorate the surrounding area that’s going to hold the seeds and plants, too.

Just give them the paints that they need and let them go wild and have fun!

See how fun it can be to do gardening acting with kids? All of these ideas are great for their imagination, creativity, and skills.

While some of them are doing to be done during the spring or summer, some of them can be done during the fall and winter as well! The more things that you can do together, the better! Get the kids in the mind frame to learn all they can about gardening and how to create their own space!

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Do you have any other fun gardening activities that you’ll be adding to the list?