Do you love all things gardening? Why not share that love and joy with your little ones? If you’re looking for super fun gardening activities with kids, you’re at the right spot. This list is packed full of fun that will keep them active and creative, all at the same time.

There’s nothing quite like being out in the garden, digging your hands in the dirt. And this is especially true when the kids are young and looking for a “mom-approved” way to get messy. And even though the temperature might be changing and the season, too, that doesn’t mean that your love for teaching your child all about gardening should stop.

Garden activities are great and should be done all year long. I’ve done all the hard part for you and gathered up a list of great garden activities that the kids are certain to enjoy.

Super Fun Gardening Activities with Kids

When it comes to gardening, there is always something fun to do. Let this list be a guide to get you think-tanking of even more fun ways to spend time with the kids loving the garden life.

Super Fun Gardening Activities with Kids

See how fun it can be to do gardening acting with kids? All of these ideas are great for their imagination, creativity, and skills.

While some of them are doing to be done during the spring or summer, some of them can be done during the fall and winter as well! The more things that you can do together, the better! Get the kids in the mind frame to learn all they can about gardening and how to create their own space!

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Do you have any other fun gardening activities that you’ll be adding to the list?