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Are you looking for a way to inspire your kids to try something new? Or maybe you want to redirect them to something other than a screen? I’ve got a super easy solution – show them amazing things other kids and adults have done and encourage them to be amazing!

For as long as I’ve been a mom, I’ve been impressed at the amazing things kids can do even at a young age. It’s actually one of the reasons that I’ve loved having my kids in daycare and school. I’m always amazed at how early they are taught to do some things, much earlier than I would have thought. Unfortunately, kids seem so drawn to TV, tablets, and even “educational” computer games these days that I fear they aren’t challenging themselves enough.

That’s why I’m always looking for ways to inspire and challenge my kids! I want to inspire and motivate my kids to break out of their comfort zone or their routine and try new things. Maybe even try things that aren’t typical “kid” activities.

books to inspire kids

For example, my oldest would love it if I let him play video games all day every day. I mean, I probably would have loved that at his age too! Maybe he’ll be a professional gamer one day or a game tester and that would be great. However, I want him to be challenged and try lots of things before locking himself in!

My husband and I kept an eye out for things he might show interest in. That’s when we noticed that he was interested in refinishing furniture! He’d watch me when I was painting a piece of furniture and ask if he could help – so we encouraged him to learn! We went on Facebook marketplace, found the perfect flip for him, and then my husband and I taught him to repair, prepare, and paint the piece! Now he’s talking about starting a little business doing this!

My baby is thinking of starting a business at just ten years old – mission accomplished! He’s trying something new and challenging himself! It may not turn into anything but he’s inspired to try his hand at new skills and that’s a beautiful thing!

It’s so important to inspire kids to try new things and learn what they are great at – or even just what they love doing! I want my kids to find what they love and sometimes we as parents need to find ways to inspire them to find those things!

A few weeks ago, Guinness World Records reached out and asked if I wanted to review their latest book (Guinness World Records 2020 book) and share what I thought with my readers! It was such perfect timing so of course I said yes! (This post is sponsored by Guinness World Records.)

I was already keeping an eye out for ways to help my kids discover their talents and their passions and the Guinness World Records book is such a great fit! It’s the perfect way to show my kids the amazing things people can do. It helps motivate them to try something new – and maybe they will even try to break a world record one day!

Amazing Things Kids Can Do

One of the first things we did with out Guinness World Records 2020 books was look for kids in it! I’m amazed at how many kids have been able to break world records. Here are two examples:

1. Bounce Bubbles!

Did you know that there are world records for bubbles??? Farhaan Shoaib, set a Guinness World Records title at just 12 years old for the most bounces of a soap bubble on a soap film. It was 113 bounces! How cool is that? Turn to page 90 of the Guinness World Records 2020 book for bubble related world records that should make bubble baths even more fun going forward!

2. Become an Ambassador!

At just 14 years old, Millie Bobby Brown became a UNICEF Ambassador promoting children’s rights! By doing so, she also became the youngest UNICEF Goodwill ambassador at 14 years and 274 days. Can you believe that? What an accomplishment!

Relatable Guinness World Records Titles

The next thing we did was look for records that related to our every day lives! It’s actually funny but now that I think of it, we never just page through the book front to back. We always seem to be looking for something specific which is fun!

Here are some of our favorites!

  • Largest pizza (page 74)
  • Largest gathering of people dressed as Spider-Man (page 83)
  • Largest humanoid vehicle (page 173)
  • Largest cup of hot chocolate/cocoa (page 79)

Records you can try at home

Another reason that I love this book and think it’s a great way to inspire kids is that the book itself ENCOURAGES it!

Throughout the book, there are boxes that say “DO TRY THIS AT HOME”. They identify fun world records that you can safely try out at home and see if you’re ready to apply for a world record! It’s so much fun for kids!

For example, pages 106 and 107 are all about Rubik’s cube related records! Then there’s a box that says “Do try this at home” and it has a few of the guidelines related to attempting a record for solving a Rubik’s cube! They also tell you where you can find tips to help!

A Rubik’s cube is an amazing way to distract your kids from video games!

These DO TRY THIS AT HOME style challenges in the book are a great way to make the record in the book feel more achievable and provide hours of fun!

Is the Guinness World Records book kid friendly?

Yes! I didn’t find anything in the book that I felt needed to be covered or skipped over. I think it’s great for kids of all ages to page through and enjoy! Plus it’s full of amazing inspiring photos and bright colors and is hard to put down. Then at the end of the book they point you to some fun kid-specific stuff on their website that kids can watch, read, and play for even more fun!

This books makes an amazing gift for kids of just about any age and is the perfect low price point too! It’s also easy to get on Amazon or your local bookstore! Click here to find the Guinness World Records 2020 book!

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