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Traveling with kids is usually considered a stress-inducing activity. No matter how much you plan, and no matter how organized you are, there inevitably will be something you forgot, and your baby or child might start crying when you least expect it. But, take heart, the best part about travel with kids is that the main goal is to arrive somewhere new and exciting. So, the best advice I can give is to stay calm, have fun, and keep visualizing that warm weather and ice cold drink by the ocean. Until then, here are 20 tips that can help you have the trip of your dreams!!

1. Bring snacks – LOTS of snacks.

Kids might not always like the options at the airport. Bring some treats if possible, chocolate works wonders if you are stuck on the tarmac for an extra hour because #delays.

2. Layers

Bring layers for your kids, it might start off really hot on the plane but then get cold mid flight. Always bring a light jacket/sweater just in case. 

An extra top for mom. Why, you may ask? Well, moms are the ones who often change the most diapers, and it is not uncommon for mom to get a bit messy after a squirmy baby didn’t want to change his diaper in a small lavatory on an airplane. Bring an extra shirt. You’re welcome. 

3. Extra pacifiers.

Dropping them on the floor is no big deal, but when you lose your paci, you are in trouble. Bring extra. 

4. Extra diapers

This seems obvious, but just remember, there might be delays, there might be blowouts, and you can never be too prepared. 

5. Bottles!

If you are bottle feeding baby, extra bottles! Don’t forget to have more than you need, just in case of a delay or the baby is hungrier than usual!

6. Toys

Bring a few fun new toys! The dollar store is a great choice for buying some new items to surprise your kids with!

7. Tablet

A screen-in case the seat backs do not have TVs in them, a screen with lots of fun shows downloaded will be a lifesaver. 

8. Kid Earphones

Again, may seem obvious, but make sure that your child has earphones that fit him or her so that the whole plane is not also listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

9. SkySquad!

Have you heard of SkySquad? It is a new service that helps families from the car door to the plane door. It is a lifesaver and can literally ensure that your trip through the airport is stress free. Check out Currently available at Dulles and Reagan with plans to expand throughout the East Coast in 2021. 

10. Masks

Extra masks for the kids and yourself! In this COVID world we are living in, masks are mandatory for big kids and adults. Make sure to bring a few extra in case you need to change them,  or they fall on the ground. (yuck!)

11. Hand Sanitizer

Lots of hand sanitizer. Enough said. 

12. Antibacterial wipes.

See above. 

13. Books

Books for you and your kids. It is unlikely as a parent of young children that you will have the chance to read on the plane, but it is fun to have hope. And your kids will definitely want to look at books so make sure to bring their favorites!

14. Blanket

A blanket for your child to snuggle with if they want to take a nap

15. A carseat cover

These come in handy to cover your carseat and protect it from germs in transit

16. A great travel stroller

There are lots to choose from, but check out reviews online before you purchase. 

17. Did we say snacks?

In addition to treats, we like to pack healthy snacks like GoGo Squeeze applesauce and Bare Apple chips! Pure fruit and fun to eat. 

18. Calm App

We like to listen to the Calm app because it helps us relax, and they have great, soothing stories for kids as well. Highly recommended for pre-flight jitters, or you can download to listen in flight. 

19. Podcasts downloaded for mom.

Since you will be stuck on a plane for a few hours, we recommend listening to a favorite podcast while jr watches Daniel Tiger on his iPad! 

That is all we got! Let us know if you have any travel tips that we can add to the list!

About The Author:
BioJulie Melnick is a mom of 2, and the founder of SkySquad. Her passion for improving the airport experience for moms began when she was a young mom and lived in California. Many cross country trips gave her the aha moment to create a service to help moms travel better. From carseats and diapers to babies and sip cups, moms need a helping hand, and SkySquad provides one. Julie live in Bethesda Maryland with her husband, two kids, and dog. You can reach her at [email protected]

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