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Looking to buy something special for a mom in your life but not sure what to get? Or maybe you’re a mom and not sure what you want. (That’s usually me…)

If so, then I’ve got some great suggestions! I’ve assembled some items that make great gifts for women in general, but especially moms and you’ll soon see why! Stick around, get some inspiration, and click on any of the pictures or links to buy the items you like!

A Gift For Moms Who Love To Cook

Does your mom or wife love to cook? Then spices from the Raw Spice Bar will be perfect! You can either buy spices from a set like the ones shown in the picture, or sign up for a quarterly box of spices! I originally wanted to sign up for the quarterly spice subscription for myself but just couldn’t imagine waiting to enjoy their spices – so I got a few kits! Whether you choose the kit or the subscription, the lady in your life is sure to love it! What I love the most about these packages is that there are always new spices to discover! I was amazed by how many great tasting and new spice combinations I got with my order! I was so excited to try them out and I still turn to them for inspiration when I’m not sure what to cook! Click here to learn more or order!

A Gift for Moms… With a Sweet Tooth!

Moms love candy too! I know I do! That’s why this candy subscription box is so amazing! Depending on the options you choose, Mom could get a gift that keeps on giving! I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes because they are just so much fun. It’s a gift that doesn’t have the lifespan of a fruit fly!


Even better yet, if you use the link you’ll get 50% off + Free Shipping on your first Candy Club Box!

Monthly boxes range from to $19.99 to $27.99 depending on the subscription plan you pick. Each box comes with 3 candies and a “candy splash”! You can also pick sweets, sours, or a mix! If you’ve got a mom in your life with a sweet tooth, then this is the one for her!

A Gift for Moms… Who Love Makeup!

I love the Countdown to Gorgeous gift box from Bare Minerals. I just purchased this for a friend and it’s the cutest makeup gift box ever! Plus it’s from Bare Minerals which is one of my favorite brands! Almost all my makeup is from them!


When you open the box, you’ll see 24 numbers and behind each number is a surprise makeup item! It includes: lip gloss, lip oil balm, eye shadow, blush, finishing powder, mascara, skincare, and a keychain! It’s so cute and so much fun to open!

gift for mom who loves makeup

It comes in a really cute box with a ribbon so you don’t even need to wrap it (just remove the cardboard sleeve). At $79.00 this is an AMAZING deal too! It’s over $200 in products plus the super cute box! I highly recommend it.

A Gift for Moms… Who Love Wine!

You know the feeling… You are ready for a glass of white wine and open the fridge door, only to see that… You forgot to put the wine in the fridge! Come on, I can’t be the only one who has done this! I’ll admit that if I’m being stubborn enough, I’ll pop the wine bottle in the freezer for a few minutes and hope I take it out at just the right time! (Just cold enough but not yet freezing over…)

There’s a better way! Uncommon Goods, one of my favorite websites for gifts, has these little stainless steel orbs called Wine Pearls. At just $24.95, these “non-diluting ice cubes” are amazing and so pretty!

gifts for mom

You just store them in the freezer and drop a few in your glass of room temperature wine and voila! chilled wine in a pinch! These are definitely on my list. (Okay, maybe a few sets are on my list… just in case!)

A Gift for Moms… Who Love Tech AND Fashion!

I’ll admit… I’m a little bit of a nerd sometimes. Okay, often! I love gadgets even if I have taught myself to avoid buying gadgets I don’t need (and just end up cluttering my house!). That said, this gadget is just plain AWESOME! It’s a reversible phone-charging tote! I’m not kidding! Thank you Uncommon Goods for another really cool gift for moms!

This vegan-leather tote comes in Black and Tan or Navy and White. It has a detachable wristlet, a hidden Android or iPhone charger (with a light indicator) and did I mention that it’s reversible? This combines my love of bags with my love of keeping my phone charged! Since it’s reversible, I can switch to the other color when I get bored. It’s a no-brainer!


A Gift for Moms… Who Love Clean Floors but Hate to Clean Them!

I absolutely fall in this category and I’m hoping to get this as a gift one day (hint! hint! and hoping my husband actually reads this).

If you’re looking to get mom something extra special this year, how about giving her some time back or reducing stress? Personally, I’d much rather be relaxing with a glass of wine in front of a silly TV show or cuddling with my kids more than sweeping every 30 seconds because one of the kiddos threw food on the floor (again)! That’s why Roombas seem like the ideal mom gift!

gifts for mom

There is no question that they are a bit pricey. At $270 and up, these aren’t trinkets. However, I think they are so worth it and just about ready to take the plunge myself if one doesn’t magically show up in the next few weeks! If you’ve got siblings, maybe you could split the gift! Either way, these seem like magical little elves to me!


Alright – That’s all my recommendations for now! I really hope you like these suggestions! Got more ideas? Comment below and let me know what you think of this list or if you have other suggestions!

So… What do you think of this gift guide? I hope you like it! Did I miss anything? I’d love to hear your feedback! What other gifts could I have included?

Gifts for Moms! Here's a gift guide for REAL moms! Get mom want she really wants!

Gifts for Moms! Here's a gift guide for REAL moms! Get mom want she really wants!GIVEAWAY! In need or some pampering? Or know someone who is? Enter this giveaway for a chance to win an amazing bath and body gift set!

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