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Making LEGO® stop motion are so fun, educational, and way easier than you might think!

Is your child excited about creating a stop-motion video with LEGO® bricks? It’s great because this is an educational activity and a game all in one that helps children practice patience, creative thinking, and other useful skills. 

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If you are looking for the best LEGO® sets for stop motion videos, this article is for you. As a LEGO® player, I will help you find the top 5 best LEGO® sets for stop motion videos with detailed reviews and the product’s pros and cons. Before we get started, let’s explore the benefits of playing LEGO® and making stop motion movies for your child.

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The Educational Benefits Of Lego

Playing with LEGO® not only helps to keep children entertained in a healthily way, but also helps them to develop some personal and social skills! Let’s go through some of the key benefits of this educational form of play…

1. Concentration

To complete a LEGO® model, a child needs to follow step-by-step instructions and put many puzzle pieces in the right place. This assembly requires high precision. So if you want to improve your child’s ability to focus, playing LEGO® is a great choice.

2. Self-confidence

Creating a LEGO® piece from a personal idea or through a tutorial also creates a sense of accomplishment for children. So does seeing a project through to the end. This feeling helps them build personal confidence which in turn will motivate your child to find ways to tinker and continue on t0 more difficult tasks. Not only in playing the logo but also in learning and life!

3. Creativity

If LEGO® works are art, children are artists. Because children create the stories for their stop motion videos, children can play LEGO® individually, in pairs, or in groups. This allows children to maximize their creativity and help their imagination flowing. Playing LEGO®, especially making stop motion videos with them, will always challenge your child’s brain with discoveries, new ideas, and constant trials.

4. Teamwork Skills

When making stop motion videos with LEGO®, it’s especially fun to work in groups! Each one on the team has a certain role as a builder, architect, supplier, and director! Children learn special rules for each role and respect and listen to each other, depending on whose role needs to be performed and when. 

Teamwork encourages collective focus, sharing and reinforces positive behavior and social connections. Moderators encourage and reinforce social skills and conventions. Besides, exposing your child to friends who like to play with LEGO® also helps their friendship become stronger.

5. Language Skills

To create LEGO® works together, children learn to actively communicate with each other to express their thoughts and needs and learn to listen to others and observe their reactions. They learn different team roles, language skills and the ability to negotiate and compromise.

Kids who play with LEGO® on their own are no exception because they can choose to add different characters to the story. Kids create the script, the dialogue, and self-portray the characters. All of them help strengthen children’s understanding of life and help children increase their language skills.

Benefits Of Creating Stop Motion Videos For Kids

Creating stop motion videos offers the same educational benefits as playing with a conventional LEGO®. However, filmmaking requires a lot of complex skills and time to explore which means that they will gain many soft skills. For example:

  • It encourages children to learn to make a detailed plan and to complete each step persistently
  • It teaches kids the filmmaking process and how stop-motion works by including them in the process rather than letting them read about it.
  • It helps children learn to mobilize all resources to achieve goals. Creative props and elements can come from everyday recyclable items, crafts, and even toys and materials that students already have.
  • It gives children autonomy and ownership over their filmmaking and finished work, thus making them proud and fulfilled.
  • Children can develop soft skills: problem-solving, collaboration, initiative, and teamwork while encouraging them to think creatively.

What You Will Need To Make Stop Motion Videos

Making stop motion video used to be much more complicated. You’d need video skills, a real camera, and other equipment.

These days, there are many apps that make the process much easier and kid friendly. To make a stop motion video, all you will need is a tripod like this one, a smartphone, and an app.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Position your tripod (this one is great and has a remote) so that it frames what you want in the movie exactly. You don’t want to have to crop the photos after the fact.
  2. Take your first photo.
  3. Move some of the pieces a little (very little).
  4. Take another photo.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have played out the story you want in the video.
  6. Download a stop motion app like PicPac Stop Motion & Time Lapse, Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker etc.
  7. Follow the next steps per the app you choose. It usually involves uploading the photos you took in steps 2 through 5. The app will do all the work for you!

Note that some Stop Motion apps have a camera in the app – like Life Lapse and you can take the photos from within the app making it even easier!

Here’s a great Life Lapse tutorial but the same principles apply to many of the other app options!

For a more advanced way to make stop motion video, and an explanation on how to make the object appear to move quicker or slower in the final video, watch this video:

What Age Children Should Be To Make Stop Motion Videos?

Any age is a great time to start! Making a stop motion animation is something anyone can do. Just take a picture of an object, move it, then repeat. With apps, it’s easier than ever too!

Top 5 Best Lego Sets For Stop Motion Videos

Top 5 Best Lego Sets For Stop Motion Videos

Making stop motion video is a really fun and educational activity for kids! If you don't already have LEGO® bricks that would work well for stop motion video making, or you want to introduce your kid to the idea of making stop motion with LEGO®, then getting a new set just for this purpose is a great idea!

Here are some of the best LEGO® sets for making stop motion videos that your kid will be sure to love!

Making stop motion movies with LEGO® is a rewarding activity to help build and develop skills for children and help them make beautiful friendships. You can also try making movies with your child. I believe this will be a good experience. Hopefully, with my article, you will find the best LEGO® sets for stop motion videos for your child to have a meaningful gift.

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