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I’ve compiled the best road trip tips and tricks so you can take a fun road trip with kids. Whether you’re specifically looking for tips for a road trip with a toddler or just want road trip tips for families, this post has what you need to make your road trip more enjoyable and smooth for everyone! Plus, at the end of this post you’ll be able to download my road trip planning template!

It includes a road trip packing checklist, daily road trip schedule planner AND of course a road trip budget template because when you plan ahead everything always goes smoother! Especially when kids are involved!

Anytime you’re traveling anywhere outside your home base or bubble, it’s a good idea to have a list of activities or ideas on hand to help occupy the kids. Make certain that you bookmark this page or pin for later when you’re getting ready to launch and plan your family road trip!

All of these road trip tips are great for a wide variety of ages of kids. Some options involve a bit more noise than others but don’t worry – all are suitable for making road-tripping with kids fun and enjoyable so you can change things up so you have periods of quiet too! Many of the items listed below are very lost cost and some are even free as well!

Okay let’s dive right in…


If you’re stressing about your next road trip, these travel tips can help you have a bunch of simple ideas and activities to keep the kids calm during your travels.

19 Road Trip Tips For road-tripping with kids

These road trip tips are so much fun and the kids are certain to love them as well!

Plan to drive mostly at night and during naps if you can

Let's face it, road trips are most fun when kids aren't fussing and complaining. So it's great if you can plan to drive while they sleep! It's a great time to chat with a bond with your spouse too! Just make sure that you're both awake enough to drive and plan on keeping eachother alert.

Pack a variety of snacks

Pack lots of snacks! I like to pack stuff that kids are unlikely to choke on. Cheese puffs like Pirates Booty are a great option because they melt in your mouth but use your best judgement as you know what will be safest for your kids.

Play kid's music

Yea I know... after driving for hours, you probably don't want to listen to Baby Shark but if you play music your kids love, they will be happier in the car and get less antsy!

Keep a change of clothes and diapers within reach

Your kids may spill on themselves, throw up or just get very dirty. We have had to change our kids' clothes so many times while on car rides so we've learned to keep a change of clothes for ALL our kids on hand just in case. I'm speaking from experience when I say that you won't want to have to dig through suitcases while your kid is covered in spitup or throw up!

On that note - if your kid is recently potty trained, consider using pullups instead of underwear for the ride. Also make sure that you have something for them to pee in just in case you really can't stop somewhere!

Keep the kids separate in the car as much as possible

After a few minutes, it's very likely that your kids will start to argue. It's hard for kids to be in a confined space for a while and this is just inevitable. If you have enough seats in your car, keeping the kids apart is best!

Additionally, if you are on a road trip with toddlers you want to be sure that one kid doesn't hand the toddler something dangerous - like a small toy. By keeping the kids apart you can low choking risks.

Spend some time in the backseat

If you are on a road trip with a toddler, it's best to get in the backseat with them at some point to play with them. It can feel very foreign to them to be in the backseat by themselves facing away from you. This ill help them feel more comfortable.

Plan on lots of stops during the day

If I've learned anything about how to road trip with a toddler it's that the main things making it challenging are that they can't communicate what they want or need clearly, their naps can get all messed up, and they can get motion-sickness without being able to tell you until it's too late. So, my #1 tip for road trips with a toddler is to take extra stops along the way. That way you can let your toddler get some fresh air, communicate with you more easily, and get some energy out so that you can manage when they take a nap better.

See how simple and fun it can be to be prepared for your next road trip? All you need are these ideas and tips to have no issues when traveling down the road!

Make certain that you go through the list and find the tips that will work best for you. There are a lot of great options to choose from here that can easily help you be prepared for your next road trip with ease!

Now it’s your turn! Did we miss any great tips? Or do you have a favorite from this list? Comment below!

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