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  1. I loved breastfeeding my daughter when she was a baby, I enjoy the bonding and wish I could have done it longer!

    1. How wonderful that you got to share that special time with her!

  2. I have no children, and when I think of having any, the thought of breastfeeding terrifies me. I did have a friend though, who hired a mid-wife during the last portion of her pregnancy. The mid-wife gave her simple remedies to stop the pain from breastfeeding. One of those was to rub a healthy amount of her own milk on the painful part of her breast and dry it with a semi-warm hair dryer. Amazingly, the pain stopped, according to my friend. I’m certainly not buyin’ it. But I guess it helps to gather tips along the way.

  3. These sound like great tips! I can’t even imagine the feelings you must have had!

  4. These tips were great and I will be keeping in mind for the future (:


  5. Great post. I’m NOWHERE near this stage in life, but this is definitely something to consider when the time comes. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a helpful article for moms!! Breastfeeding was difficult for us in the beginning but after we got our groove it was bliss! I miss breastfeeding my daughter. She’s 3 now and I treasure the memories.

  7. I was very lucky. I breastfed my daughter for 7 months and never had to use any formula. However, if I have a second child, I would be a lot more “relaxed”.
    I believe Breastfeeding is the greatest gift we can give to our babies and yes, nothing is as good as “Mommy’s Milk”, but I have met many “formula-fed” children, and they are as happy and healthy as any breastfed child.

    In my opinion, breastfeeding is a “must happen” if it is not making you anxious. If you are enjoying that “one-of-a-kind” and really deep connection with your baby then go ahead; but if it has turned into a torture for you, you’ve done your very best to calm down and you’re still very stressed, then I would drop it.

    The “connection” between baby and mom is so strong our babies feel our anxiety and “carry” it with them. When we are breastfeeding, we are giving our babies a lot more that Live Cells and Super Proteins, we are also sharing our emotions with our little ones. We are our babies “Source of Peace”. That’s why babies stop crying when we hold them, when we hug them. Our smell and the sound of our voice is soothing for them, it makes them feel “safe”. Now, just imagine how they feel when we are freaking out: They get gassy, colicky, cranky or get their sleep pattern disrupted. Being a grownup, you’ve probably had the same symptoms after eating fatty food while being under a lot of stress.

    If you get the anxiety out of your mind, Breastfeeding and Parenthood can really be uncomplicated and wonderful experiences. It is really up to us to decide how difficult, or hard, we want it to be.

  8. This is so encouraging! I’m on my third baby (5 months old) and I have learned the hard way that all my daughters mouths were so small the first month, that it actually CAUSED my skin to blister and split and bleed. With my first, I suffered for weeks until my mother told me about nipple shields. She got me one and it was a miracle. With my second, by day 3 I was starting to blister and I KNEW I was not going to do that again. So I got a shield right away and saved myself a lot of pain. With my third, by the day after I was already hurting. We picked up a shield on the way home from the hospital. All three were very tiny, and none were tongue tied. After they were each about a month to a month and a half, I didn’t need the shield anymore. Please please please get a shield for yourself if it hurts! And one for all your friends baby showers! You NEVER know which one will need it. And which Poor new mom is crying in agony because she (like me) had never heard of one