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  1. I agree with these…especially separating items you bring for labor vs. hospital stay! We had 2 bags. A small one for the labor then left the hospital stay bag in the car until baby had arrived!

  2. After 4 babies I have learned that most of the things on the must have list are just not necessary. I didn’t use the majority of things that I brought. Now I pack only the essentials and leave everything else at home. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your list. It’s a bit different from mine but still really similar. I did a similar post recently but I was one saying to bring a robe and the boppy pillow. I lived in my robe at the hospital (and at home haha).

  4. This is a great list-we actually took a few cloth diapers with us just in case my son as a reaction to the Huggies they provided, as some babies do, but luckily he didnt have problems!

  5. I took a robe my first go round and forgot it was in the bag and didnt use it. This last time I took it and kept it close by for getting up to pee and for when I had visitors. This time I am on the fence about it but plan to buy a thin one to have at home and for the hospital instead of my huge pink fluffy one. I am taking a little makeup but nothing hardcore. Just mascara, brow tint, tinted lipgloss and a little blush so I won’t look like the walking dead when I leave. I don’t plan on too many visitors this time at the hospital because I allowed it last time and I was not too happy about it because it was overwhelming and people were constantly in and out and I was breastfeeding! The hospital I deliver at provides everything down to tooth brushes shampoo etc but I always pack my own travel ones to make things more comfy and I hate the brands they provide. I love your list and this is great for a first time and seasoned mama!

  6. This is a great list! I will be packing our hospital bag for our second. I love idea of including pictures of the other kids. I will make sure to do this!

  7. You know, I like that you included a picture of the older children. When I gave birth to my third, my MIL watched them and I did not see them during my hospital stay. I missed them so much. This is a great post with lots of good tips.

  8. After 4 kids I still have trouble packing a hospital bag! This is a great list.

  9. This is a great list!! If I may add, the two things that I didn’t pack was shampoo and conditioner. The hospital didn’t have sample bottles or any to give me. I ended up sending my hubby to the store to buy some. I know it doesn’t seem really important but after labor, I felt dirty and just wanted to clean myself head to toe 🙂

  10. Another great post. I had missed a lot of things in my hospital bag even though i started preparing for it a month ago. You cannot predict things you need. Like if forgot my breast pump and the nipple cream Lanolin. Great content.