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Before I had my own kids, I laughed at the idea of searching “Am I pregnant?” online.

If you’re reading this and wondering if you could be pregnant, then check out this list and see if a few of these match how you’re feeling. If they do… you might be pregnant!

I’d heard about women doing this but thought to myself – Why don’t these women just get a pregnancy test?

One day I found myself typing those exact words into a search engine! The reality is that early signs of pregnancy are sometimes confusing, unexpected, and sneaky!

Even after you get a positive pregnancy test, you might still wonder if you’re actually pregnant and might feel tempted to test it a few more times (not that I’ve ever done that of course!).

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Then there’s the possibility of getting a negative pregnancy test just because you tested too early or because your HCG levels aren’t yet high enough – but in reality, you ARE pregnant and may have already missed your period!

I guess my point is… those days when you’re in limbo and aren’t sure if you are indeed pregnant can be nerve-wracking and confusing. It helps to check your symptoms to help you gauge whether it’s worth the trip to the doctor’s office or worth the cost of (another) pregnancy test!

Sure, a pregnancy test or a blood test at your doctor’s office is the only REAL way to know if you’re pregnant BUT there are some early signs that might help you decide whether it’s worth buying a pregnancy test or making a doctor’s appointment!

Disclaimer: I’m a mom, not a doctor! This list is based on my experiences and those of other moms I know. When in doubt, contact your doctor for a professional opinion!

The Most Common and Obvious Signs of Pregnancy

If you find yourself nauseous out of nowhere or feel extremely bloated for days in a row you might want to take a pregnancy test!

1. My Personal Early Sign of Pregnancy: Gas

I’m probably going to regret admitting to this online but here goes… Every time I got pregnant, my first “warning sign” was that I got very gassy! One day I’d be fine and the next… And this would happen almost immediately after conception!

The first time I got pregnant (we were trying), I knew something was up and knew I was pregnant before I had a positive pregnancy test because of it.

2. Another Common Sign of Pregnancy: Cramping

If you’re tracking ovulation (around 2 weeks after your last period), you may notice that out of nowhere you get this extreme cramping feeling. It likely won’t last very long and it may be followed by light spotting. Then things will go back to normal.

This could be a sign that your egg implanted and you are pregnant! You won’t know for sure for a few more weeks but there’s a good chance that you conceived!

Unfortunately, it’s also possible that your egg implants and then you have a regular period if the pregnancy isn’t viable so take a deep breath and hang tight until you can check to see if you get a positive pregnancy test.

With my third pregnancy, I was able to feel this very clearly and knew what it was immediately. Although I knew that nothing I did would impact the outcome, I still found myself walking on eggshells until I got a positive pregnancy test because I was so nervous.

So try to relax if you do feel this happening but also know that if it doesn’t pan out that it’s not your fault. I know that’s easier said than done…

3. Extreme Exhaustion

Some women seem to get extremely and unusually tired after they get pregnant. If you do fall in this category and already have a toddler running around it may be hard to notice but this does seem to be a really common sign of pregnancy.

4. Pregnancy Heartburn

Oh, the heartburn! I had never felt heartburn until my third pregnancy but when I got it, I got it with a vengeance! Heartburn during pregnancy common sign for women if they don’t typically suffer from heartburn.

5. Body Odor During Pregnancy

If your body odor (good or bad) changes suddenly and nothing you do will change it, there’s a good chance you’re pregnant! Sometimes your partner will notice this before you do!

6. Headaches

Don’t usually get headaches but find yourself getting headaches that you can’t shake? Maybe switch out your Advil, Excedrin or NSAID for Tylenol for a few weeks because you might be pregnant!

7. Mood Swings – Particularly crying

Losing control of your emotions, or finding yourself switching from one emotion to another quickly, is another common pregnancy symptom!

True story – The first time I got pregnant, my husband threw something across the room to get my attention (I had headphones on and he thought it would be funny). I saw the object fly through the air and immediately started laughing.

Unfortunately, since I was pregnant, I couldn’t STOP laughing which then led to me crying because I couldn’t stop. Then I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. See the pattern? This went on for a bit.

Looking back now, it’s pretty funny and it was definitely a sign that I was pregnant!

Woman on bed covering her mouth showing possible signs of early pregnancy
Some women seem to get extremely and unusually tired after they get pregnant.

8. Extreme Sense of Smell

This is another very common one. When I was pregnant, I could smell an open marker from across a very large conference room. I actually complained about “all the open markers” and then realized it was just one clear across the room. I think that’s when my coworkers got suspicious!

9. Tender or Enlarged Breasts

Some women experience very tender boobs or nipples and/or enlarged or swollen breasts. This is sometimes a period symptom too though, so I’d only get suspicious if you don’t normally experience this when you get your period.

10. Change in Taste

Some women also find that food tastes different when they are pregnant. I definitely experienced this each time. So much so, that I developed a taste for certain foods that I didn’t like prior, or began to hate foods that I used to like.

For example, when I was pregnant the first time, I could not stand the taste or smell of tofu from Noodles & Company. So much so that I avoided the place for about 5 years!

With my second pregnancy, I developed a taste for spinach and wanted to eat it daily but I hated it before then. With my third pregnancy, I began to love sushi and I continue to like it now but I didn’t before.

I think our taste buds must change and sometimes it seems to taste even after the baby is born!

Other Possible Pregnancy Signs…

There are many other symptoms that are common during pregnancy but some take a bit longer to kick in.

If it’s your first pregnancy, you might be less likely to experience these in the beginning but with a 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, they might kick-in sooner.

These include things like:
11. Swollen or bloody gums
12. Metallic taste in your mouth
13. Bloody Nose
14. Darkening areola
15.  Round ligament pain
16. Restless leg syndrome
… and many many others!

If you suspect you might be pregnant based on this list or women’s intuition, then definitely take a pregnancy test! They can be super expensive though, so you want to be sure to take a good reliable one!

With my first baby, I must have taken 5 pregnancy tests before I got a positive one. I kept taking them because I felt SURE that I was pregnant but the test wouldn’t show as positive.

With my third, I took a pregnancy test and got a positive result and took another one a day later (still not sure why) and got a negative result. I was indeed pregnant though but the second test just wasn’t as reliable. So… the brand and type you choose really is important!

This is the pregnancy test that I recommend. I’ve had good consistent success and accuracy with Clearblue!

To order yours and get same-day shipping, click “Shop Now” below:

A note about testing to see if you’re pregnant: Make sure to take the test following the directions exactly AND take the test first thing in the morning.

Especially if you are testing prior to a missed period. This will ensure that your HCG levels are concentrated enough in your pee.

Prenatal Vitamins

On a side note, if you are trying to get pregnant, or suspect that you might be pregnant, it’s good to start taking prenatal vitamins! I personally like the vitamins that are low in Vitamin A during the first trimester since Vitamin A is linked to birth defects.

Many prenatal vitamins still include a small amount of Vitamin A, but I tend to err on the side of caution when I’m pregnant. Plus so many foods contain Vitamin A already that I didn’t want to add more on top of it.

The brand I use is specially formulated for the first trimester and are natural, don’t contain any dyes or fillers, and are easy on the stomach.

To try the brand I used, click on “Shop Now” below. I’m breastfeeding and I still take them. I bet you’ll love them too!

One month supply with DHA

One month supply without DHA

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I hope this helps and good luck!

Did you experience any other unexpected signs of early pregnancy? Comment below and share!

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Weird early pregnancy signs you might not know about! Find out if you might be pregnanct and should take a pregnancy test! Early pregnancy symptoms seems to be hard to recognize so this post will help you figure out if you are pregnant and should call your doctor or take a pregnancy test!
Curious about pregnancy symptoms before a missed period? Are you wondering "am I pregnant"? Early pregnancy signs can be hard to recognize at times and some are very unknown! If you're wondering "Am I pregnant?" then this post should help you decide if you need a pregnancy test!

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