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It is important to bear in mind the importance of exercises during pregnancy especially when it is a first-time pregnancy. According to experts, there are many reasons to exercise such as reducing back pain during pregnancy, boosting energy levels and maintaining a perfect body figure even after delivery among several others. You ask any woman, and the first thing they will tell you is that they need their pre-pregnancy shape back. Body fitness doesn’t need fancy equipment or complicated exercises; just the right workouts that are simple and that can be done from home.

Pregnancy usually comes with certain discomforts. Some physical exercises have proven to be quite effective in reducing such discomforts in a number of ways such as mood boosting, improving sleep and reducing pain and aches. The right pregnancy workouts also help in strengthening specific body muscles making it easier to recover the pre-pregnancy shape. According to research findings, prenatal workouts are also crucial in reducing the possibility of developing preeclampsia and gestational diabetes among other conditions.

Below are some of the important exercises that will keep you active and fit throughout your pregnancy period and even after.

1. Walking


Walking is the simplest and least strenuous cardio exercise during pregnancy. It is easy and can be done anywhere and anytime you want. It is quite comfortable and doesn’t need any equipment like other common exercises. You, however, need to have comfortable shoes on to ensure your safety throughout your pregnancy period.

2. Aerobics

These are healthy cardiovascular exercises that help in the maintenance of a perfect body shape. For flexibility purposes, these are the right exercises you can have that are safe during pregnancy for you and the unborn child. You may decide to enroll for cardiovascular exercises training or do them right from the comfort of your home provided you perform the right movements for safety purposes. Experts, however, recommend regular, low-impact aerobic exercises which will help to strengthen heart and muscles, tone your muscles and help get rid of back pain during pregnancy among other benefits.

3. Jogging


This is another important exercise pregnant women should undertake to build strength and stability during pregnancy. Jogging is considered as a better alternative to running for pregnant women. You can easily schedule yourself for jogging at the convenient time in the day like morning or evening. This workout is quite simple but convenient or cardiovascular and strength building.

For as long as you have a healthy pregnancy, you need to go out jogging often. However, you will need to regulate the frequency and distance covered as pregnancy progresses. Experts recommend using a “talk test” while jogging so that you don’t overexert yourself. While jogging, you, therefore, need to ensure you can easily carry on a conversation.

4. Swimming


Fitness experts and health care providers recommend swimming as the safest exercise for pregnant women. Swimming is an all round workout for the arms, backbone, and legs. It helps improve cardiovascular functionality, reduce swelling and strength building to support the extra weight you are carrying during pregnancy. The good thing with swimming, unlike other aerobic exercises, is that it helps you to feel cool especially during the third trimester of your pregnancy.

There are several reasons why swimming is important like improving circulating, increasing muscle tone, burn extra calories and enhancing heart and lung function among others.

5. Yoga


Yoga is said to be quite beneficial during pregnancy. However, you will be needed to undertake specific precautions. It is therefore advisable that you take prenatal yoga classes where your instructor will recommend the right exercises depending on the trimester you are in.

Yoga is known as a perfect way to control your breath and stay relaxed which are crucial demands during pregnancy and labor periods. Yoga is also essential in providing both physical and emotional stress relief as you go through each trimester of pregnancy. Yoga will make your muscles feel stronger and agile making you flexed. You can as well boost the effectiveness of yoga by swimming and walking.

6. Stretching


Pregnancy stretches are crucial exercises that will help boost the performance of the cardiovascular system thus preventing muscle strain. There are various pregnancy stretches that you can apply as regular workouts during pregnancy to help reduce pain and aches in the various trimesters.

Due to the weight of the growing baby and breasts, many women start experiencing tightness in the lower back, chest, and neck. There are various stretches that will help get rid of the aches and discomfort caused by this tightness. Stretching also has many benefits to the growing baby as are other exercises thus need to be incorporated into a daily routine.

7. Weight training


Many people think that weight training is only ideal for bodybuilders and athletes. Expectant women can also start weight training to strengthen abdominal and back muscles to prevent the common back pain experienced by pregnant women. Remember, you need a lot of stamina during labor and delivery which you need to build through weight training. Weight training is usually considered to be quite intense and for this reason, will help avoid adding unnecessary calories. Your weight gain will be maintained within the healthy range.

Pregnant women can benefit from free weight, and resistance training machines provided the appropriate techniques are applied and important precautions born in mind.

Observe safety measures when exercising during pregnancy

Like normal body building, pregnancy training requires you to observe important safety measures. For instance, if you have never trained prior to your pregnancy and intend to start, you will have to start with simpler exercises before progressing as you gain experience and strength. On the other hand, despite having experience in working out prior to pregnancy, you may be required to make a few adjustments as the pregnancy progresses.


It is highly advisable to seek the guidance of a doctor before you take part in any training routine. Your doctor will have to examine you to determine whether your pregnancy is safe and may not inhibit your exercising. Pregnancy training should also not be undertaken with the aim of cutting weight rather maintaining a general fitness and well being through every trimester.

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