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  1. Why only egg yolks? Can you use whole eggs instead and if so how many?

    1. Hi Emmy! Great question. This recipe is EXTREMELY forgiving so making changes doesn’t affect the outcome all THAT much. Just this morning I made it by melting the butter completely because I was in a rush and they came out great! I have made the recipe with the full egg before … Since the yolk is where the the fat is, by using only egg yoks the cookies end up much richer and softer. If you add the full egg instead, the cookies will still taste good but they come out a little bland tasting as compared to the cookies that you get with just the yolk. If you put the full egg, you may want to add extra vanilla and maybe cook it a bit less to avoid over drying it. I hope that helps and that you love the results! I end up making so many in my house because everyone here eats them too and I’m constantly running out!

  2. Just made a half batch to try…IT IS DELICIOUS!! Definitely going to make again, full or double batch!

    Question: how much is suggested for a daily serving?

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you like them!! I eat them daily right now!

      Daily serving? That’s actually a great question! I’ve never thought about that and I’m not sure that this is a specific daily serving. I should research that! In the meantime, I can tell you that I eat 1 or 2 of these cookies/bars a day without any bad reaction for what that’s worth! I typically cut a 9×12 pan into 15-20 pieces.

      I hope that helps! Enjoy!

      (P.S. If you like butterscotch, these taste greate with half chocolate chip and half butterscotch chip! That’s my new favorite!)

  3. These look soooo good!!! I have baby due next month and am trying to preprep some things. If I freeze the dough so I defrost and cook following original instructions?

    1. Absolutely! That’s what I did before my third baby was born. I made multiple batches and out them in aluminum pans and then froze them. Then I had my husband bake them for me when I was in the hospital (he went home a few times to see our other kids). You can definitely freeze the dough that way!

  4. How much did your milk increase by?

    1. Probably by about 1-2 ounces per pumping session – but I did it in conjunction with the occasional power pumping session too. As my baby got older, I found that I occasionally had a hard time pumping enough and would be a couple ounces short at the end of the day. Then I started eating these regularly and I was able to start adding to my freezer stash again. Ultimately I had enough in my freezer that I was able to stop pumping a few weeks prior to my son’s first birthday and still send him in with enough breastmilk at daycare! Sorry I can’t be more specific than that. This time around, I started eating them as my breakfast right away! Good luck! If you’re still struggling after adding lactation cookies (or similar recipes) to your diet, it could be your pump! If after you pump, you can still hand express quite a bit, your pump isn’t emptying you well enough and that’s signaling to your body to make less milk because you don’t need it all. Check out my post on Breast Pumps for some other pump options you may want to try. Good luck!!

  5. Once these are cooked, how long are they good for? And should they be refrigerated or are they ok at room temperature?

    1. I can’t say for sure but personally, I leave them in the fridge if I think they are going to last more than a couple of days. In my house they rarely last that long because everyone else eats them like they are chocolate chip cookies!

  6. I love these! I added about 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, as requested by the husband lol. It is even better! I think maybe about a 1/4 cup would be best!

    1. Oh that sounds yummy! So funny that your husband loves these too! Who would have thought! I’m actually trying to wean at the moment so I’ve had to stop making them and we all miss these cookies! I’m sure I’ll restart once the weaning process is done and I’ve dried up though! So glad you like them!

  7. Can I make these using steel cut oats instead of regular rolled oats?

    1. Unfortunately I don’t think they will work since they cook differently then rolled or quick oats. I suspect that they’d end up undercooked and too crunchy but that’s just a guess. I’ve never tried. I do love steel cut oats though! Maybe if you precooked them?