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  1. Agreed~ I made most of my baby’s food and could freeze batches of ice cube trays and mix and match as needed.

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      It’s so much more convenient ! Thanks for reading !

  2. You make some good points! I think I will try making my own this time around… I’m due in 10 weeks!

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Congrats!! Yes it really is so much simpler than I would have ever imagined! I don’t know if you saw it, but in the next post after this one I write about HOW to actually do it in the most efficient way to fit it into you schedule and actually make it easier. I’m also planning to do a post soon outlining which foods to introduce when and how to cook them in order to make your own baby food… Stay tuned!

  3. My Mom made all my baby food way back in 1988! Thanks for sharing this information. What could be better than knowing EXACTLY what you are feeding your baby and having complete control over the preparation. Mom used whip up a batch of fruit, vegetables, beef, chicken, etc., and freeze in ice cube trays. After the trays were frozen solid, she’d pop out the “cubes” and store in freezer bags. Easy, healthy and cost effective!

  4. Yes! Making baby food IS easier. Less stress, less expense, less hassle. But it does take some time to get into a routine and figure out how to do it. Love this!

  5. All very good reasons, AND one more … when you make it yourself you know exactly what’s in it. You can avoid all the preservatives and even added sugar (yes, they put it in quite a lot of baby food).

    BTW, for all the same reasons we make our own dog food … and save a small fortune too.