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This post is sponsored by Campbell’s®, Kraft®, and Pepperidge Farm®, but all opinions are my own.

The leaves turn and the weather gets cooler … and then cold. It happens all so fast and then suddenly we go from craving smoothies to soups! Do you have a favorite cool weather meal? 

Our favorite meal is grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup and we’ve been making it for years! I actually used to make it in college too! It checks all the boxes. Warm gooey cheese, soft yet crispy bread, and hot smooth tomato soup! 

Plus it’s so easy to make! I’ve been teaching my kids how to cook since they were little and now my oldest can make it practically on his own – with just a little adult supervision and some occasional help! 

Many people accidentally burn their grilled cheese though! If you follow these steps, you’ll never burn it again! 

Thanks to Campbell’s®, Kraft®, and Pepperidge Farm® for sponsoring this post and asking me to share how we make this meal with you! So… here’s how we make the perfect Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup meal! 

First, we collect everything we need! You always want to have your ingredients ready and in reach before you start cooking! We use: 

Lately we’ve been ordering food and having it delivered to our home. Luckily you can get everything you need from and have it delivered right to your door the same day! That means you can make this meal any time you want! 

Next, you’ll want to assemble the grilled cheese sandwiches! Place 3-4 slices of cheese on a slice of bread and then cover with another piece of bread. Repeat until you’ve made as many pairings as you need. 

We love using the Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse® Hearty White Bread because it’s cut thick, the pieces are nice and big, and it gets crispy on the outside while staying soft inside! 

Kraft® Singles American Slices are one of our favorite cheeses to use because of how quickly and smoothly it melts! When I’m doing 20 things at once, it’s nice to not have to worry about adjusting the temperature just right so that the cheese melts and the bread crisps at the same time. With this cheese, both always get crispy at the same time! The right cheese is the KEY to not burning your grilled cheese! 

Next empty one can (10.75 oz.) of Campbell’s® Tomato Soup into a pot. For a family of 5, we usually use 2 cans. Then add water to the can and pour that in. This dilutes the condensed soup. I love that the can also acts as a measuring cup! Stir to combine and then heat it on low so it will warm while you cook the grilled cheese! 

Okay, back to the grilled cheese… Most people I know spread butter on both sides of the sandwich before placing in the pan. I find that adding butter directly to the pan ends up using less butter and is more quick and less messy!

Just add some butter to a heated pan (medium heat), swirl it around a bit and then add you preassembled sandwiches. Be sure to not crowd the pan. We usually do 1 or 2 at a time. Check on the bread every so often and once it has browned a bit, carefully flip it. The cheese may not be fully melted yet and that’s okay. 

At this point, check your pan, is there still a bit of liquid butter in the pan? If not, add a little more to the pan, swirl it around so it will melt, and then lift and replace the sandwich. That way the bread facing down will get coated in butter and brown nicely! 

Now watch the bread again and once the second side if browned, it should be ready! 

While you’re cooking the bread, just keep an eye on the soup…if you have it on low it should be fine but if you get tempted to raise the heat, just make sure that it doesn’t boil. 

Once you’re done with all the sandwiches you’re done! Your soup should be nice and hot! 

Add your Grilled Cheese to a plate, pour soup in a bowl, and then add a few Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® Cheddar Crackers! Now just dip your crispy and gooey grilled cheese in the tomato soup and enjoy! 

This is the best family-friendly cool weather meal I can think of! What do you think? 

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