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  1. I’m sitting here, crying! Your journey is really amazing and I’m so glad that everything ended well!

  2. oh my gosh, crying as I read this. I’m so glad you have your perfect little miracle boy- he is beautiful!

  3. Lord, have mercy! This just touches my heart—so amazing that he survived. Surely God has amazing plans in mind for you–and for you! So important not to give up hope. And I love your tips for surviving having your baby in NICU. One of our daughters was in for 2 days, and that was hard enough. So glad for your miracle!

  4. I’ll definitely save this for moms who need this!

  5. he is a perfect little boy! and this is a great resource for moms going through the same thing

  6. This is wonderful and so great that you shared it. I had my twins in the NICU at Alta Bates for 2weeks and every journey there is heart wrenching. But thank you Alta Bates NICU for making an incredibly hard situation manageable and thank you NICU “graduates” for sharing your stories – that is what helped me the most!

  7. My daughter survived Necrotizing Enterocolitis.She was born at 26 weeks and been in the hospital for almost two year before getting discharged. .Thank you so much for sharing this blog.After reading this people will know about NICU.

  8. Its important not to give up God has amazing plans in mind for your and your miracle boy. It’s a share trigger I will definately share with moms and social media as well. Really helpful for people to know about NICU.

  9. Thank you for sharing. I am currently in the NICU with my son and hearing success stories helps keep my morale up. Congratulations on your baby boy; you are both tough as nails.