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  1. This seems like such a great opportunity for kids and mom. I would have loved a program like this when my kids were younger.

  2. This is an amazing list of questions to ask a potential preschool. Definitely important to know all their policies.

  3. I work in childcare and this would be so helpful if parents asked some of these questions because I know that things can be rushed and we forget to go over some of these really important policies with parents. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I am glad you recommend asking about the staff’s degrees and qualifications before choosing childcare to ensure that they are reputable. My best friend and her husband both work, so they need to find a great childcare service that their daughter can go to while they are working. I will have them look into the background of the staff of any potential childcare for their daughter.

  5. Greta James says:

    Thanks for the advice to ask food-related questions when finding child care. My son is allergic to tree nuts so this is great advice. Hopefully I can find a good child care for him where he can grow and thrive.

  6. Luke Smith says:

    It was a great tip when you said to ask how long the teacher has been employed in the daycare facility. My wife and I are going away on a business trip with an important client soon, and we need someone to take care of our boy. Thank you for these tips, we’ll definitely keep them in mind while we search for the best childcare services in town.