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  1. Great tips! I am dealing with spit up particularly when I eat dairy or eggs, and I love your tip about using a pocket bib to see how much they’re throwing up. Brilliant. I’m also amazed that my diet makes such a difference in how much my baby spits up or throws up… when my diet is completely clean of his triggers, he usually has DRY burps. Oh, they are glorious! 😀

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Hi Corina ! I’m glad you found this post helpful ! Diet definitely seems to have a huge impact. Best of luck working your way through this stage! These days food packaging is so detailed that it’s at least a bit easier to navigate through this. If dairy seems to be a trigger, keep an eye out for products with the U in a circle that has “Pareve” or a P next to it. That means that there is no dairy or meat in the product. Good luck and congrats on the little baby!

  2. Thanks for this. My lo is a toddler now, but I remember these days. It’s nice to know I wasn’t the only mom freaking out about this. Also, I love the premise of your blog. I’m a very analytical mommy, too (I’m a lawyer).

    1. Aileen Siu says:

      Thank you for your post. I am expecting at the end of June and was just looking into using the waterproof bibs as burping cloths. Came across your article and glad to know you had the same idea. But I am still figuring out how to use the waterproof bib as burping cloth. Do we put it around the baby or do we lay it on our shoulder as if it’s a burping cloth?

      1. Hi! For example, if you burp your baby by sitting them on your lap (my preferred way), then you put the bib on your baby and then put the hand that holds their head under the bib so that when they spit up it goes into the bib. If you haven’t ever burped a baby this way, give it a shot! It’s how they taught me when my first was in the NICU. Hope that helps!

  3. Great post. I’ve been lucky as my son did not spit up much, only when was sick. But as a blogger mom that tries to help other moms with their parenting challenges got some good advice from your post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ankita Jain says:

    Loved your article! It completely captured my Kid’s current situation. Thanks a lot for the tips !