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  1. Love it! All mommies should read your article before having their baby. I wish I knew all this information with my first baby. I have used all your advice with my second and know that it works. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! These are just basics, which I believe everyone feels intuitively. However, most of the first-time parents, and moms in particular, are so terrified that they somehow forget to listen to themselves, their bodies and most of all, their babies and it’s really essential.

  2. Susan Croox says:

    Baby wearing is crucial, especially for WAHMs! The only thing you really can’t do while babywearing is cooking. So good luck with that!

    1. Exactly! It’s a crucial thing, and both “sides” (a baby and a mother) can only benefit from that. Essential and very useful!

  3. These are such great tips! No one told me how hard breastfeeding would be…or how painful at the beginning. Luckily, it got a lot better pretty quick, but I know many women get discouraged. I think this will really help them. I also love your tip about getting to know your baby, since it is totally different from the idea of them you had for nine months.

    1. Thanks for reading! Breastfeeding is really tough, especially bearing in mind how important it is, many first-time moms, including myself, are under pressure to do this and to do it RIGHT. It can be very stressful experience both for the baby and mom. Since I insisted so much on this, I think that my first one, who never liked eating, since the time she was a newborn, has got this attitude thanks to me and my pressure. On the other hand, my son is totally opposite – I was relaxed, forgot about all the “breastfeeding rules” and we did it for a longer period (than with my first child), he loves to eat today and his attitude towards food is completely different.

  4. These are all such basic, but important, things for a 1st time mom to know. There really are no books to fully prepare you, but focusing on these few things can make all the difference! I especially liked #5. I talked to each of my children from sun up to sun down about everything and nothing !

    1. Being a rookie parent once upon a time, I kept thinking so often that there are thousands of useful guides for this and that, while for the most important thing in the entire life, there’s nothing like that and how great it would be if there was such a thing! But I managed to do that somehow (without this “booklet” 🙂 )for the first time. I simply learned how to listen to my baby and my intuition and it worked!

  5. Breastfeeding was rough with both my boys, my first was a NICU baby and I didn’t get to bf him until 6 wks old, but I did. He bf until 12 months old, my 13 month old is still going strong!

  6. I don’t believe in the whole “don’t pick them up or they’ll be spoiled” thing either. babies cry, and babies need to be held! You can’t spoil a baby…

    1. I agree with you. And I did it all the time, despite some negative comments I got as a first time mom, which can be stressful, because you’re pretty terrified about everything. But I was really determined about that and I’d do it again and again. Thinking back to that, we basically wore them all the time in the carrier so they cried rarely.