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  1. Ashley Tallent says:

    Did you ever use this on the beach or in hot temperatures? I didn't see an update to the blog.

  2. (sorry…keep mistyping thanks to the little ones trying to take my phone! Here is what I have been trying to send…)

    I sure did ! Thanks for reminder. I'll need to update it !

    The breeze worked out amazingly! I carried the little one everywhere while at the beach. Even though it was a black carrier, both baby and I were comfortable. No more or less than I would have been in the heat in a black shirt basically.

    I have it stored away safely so I can use it again with baby #3 (I hope !)

    Thanks for reading my blog and inquiring ! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask !

    1. I absolutely agree with you! I’m so glad you did a review of the breeze. I only own the original. I wrote a review about the original Baby K’tan wrap, but couldn’t give my personal experience about the breeze-even though my husband and I live back and forth between Florida and Puerto Rico! It is seriously, so incredibly hot year round. This product sounds perfect for us! I’m happy to see another Baby K’tanner whoo whoo!

  3. Ducksandbooks says:

    thanks for the product recommendations! BTW, it’s seam, not seem and sewn, not sown.

    1. theanalyticalmommy says:

      Thank you for catching that! That’s what I get for writing this post while nursing my son! I’ve made the edits thanks to your help. Glad you liked the post (despite the spelling errors!)

  4. I love the Baby K’Tan too! I used it a little for my 1st baby and I just had my baby and everyone tells me that you’ll be baby wearing a lot more with the second so I plan on using it a ton!

  5. I love how wraps are becoming so stylish while maintaining their functionality! We used a wrap with both of our girls (and I’m so thankful we did) because you can use it in so many different ways!

    Thank you for the review! I try to recommend only the best products on the market for my clients, and this is definitely getting added to the list.

  6. This wrap looks easy to tie, most of the other ones really look complicated to wear!

  7. I love wraps for newborns, but I really loved my babywearing shirt with this last baby (my 4th!). The LalaBu babywearing shirt is awesome! It just has a pocket on the front that you just drop the baby into. It made the first month or two a breeze.

    I love the look of the Nesting Days baby shirt for next time. My little one is already 19 months old now (it goes by too fast!) and we mostly wear our Tula now.

  8. Your posts are always super helpful. Thanks Rachel for this list!