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Want to up your home decor and holiday decor game in just a few seconds? Now you can and by the end of this post, I hope you’ll join me in adding smart plugs all over your home indoor and out!

Imagine being able to turn off devices and lights around your house from your smartphone without needing to hire an expensive electrician… Or being able to install, setup, and program outdoor lights within just minutes!

Landscaping lights that change color and are controlled by my phone!

Now picture being able to change your regular outdoor lights into flickering holiday themed lights with the push of a button? Or being able to group your Christmas tree lights with your mantel lights and control them or schedule them from your phone?

I’ve always wanted to setup beautiful lights inside and outside my home but wanted to be able to control them from my phone. The problem is that this is usually so expensive! Anything that usually requires the help of an electrician always is! (Don’t get me wrong – they do great work and I’m thankful for electricians but it’s expensive!)

You can barely see the Enbrighten Indoor Wi-Fi Plug!

Well, I’m pretty sure that the Jasco Enbrighten team read my mind when they developed their new Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs and I’m so excited that I got the opportunity to partner with them and review them for you! These plugs easy to use, inexpensive, and jam packed full of features!

I think he was excited to try these out as me!

Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plug Features

For starters, with the Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs, all you need is the plug, your phone, and Wi-Fi! You plug it in, install their app and within moments you’re off and running! Then you can setup automatic schedules (including outdoor lights that turn off and on depending on sunrise and sunset!), control lights and outlets through your Alexa or Google, create “routines” based on your conditions, and even group lights together so that multiple things happen at once!

If during setup the automatic pairing option doesn’t work right away, you can switch to manual setup which is just as easy to do and it works quickly!

Lights aren’t the only thing you can control with Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs though! You can also use a humidifier or space heater to turn on at certain times (or ad-hoc via you phone!).

How are we using our Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plug?

We have wanted to install lights in the front of our house, around our pool, and around our garden for some time now! We might also get lights to decorate our trees and bushes for the holidays!

My Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plug working hard for me at night!

We put our first Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plug in the front of our house and ran lights along the walkway and the driveway. Why? Because it will be the holidays soon and it will be so fun to have our fun phone and Alexa-controlled, color changing lights setup for the holidays!

How about our Enbrighten Indoor Smart Plug?

Well… I have one for now but I plan to buy more! For now, we have a lamp connected to it so that I can easily turn the lights off without getting out of bed! As a mom, I often get into bed at night and watch TV, read for a few minutes, go on Instagram, or check email. Then out of nowhere, I’m exhausted and don’t have the energy to get out of bed and turn out the lights. Now, I won’t have to! I can just turn the lamp off with my phone or Alexa!

I want to get more so that I can add one in my bathroom to help me make sure that I don’t have a curling iron or hair straightener on when it shouldn’t be! I also want to get another to in the family room to control the little lights I love to hang in the winter!

Where can you get Enbrighten Wi-Fi Outlets and lights??

Overall, I’m really happy with my indoor and outdoor Enbrighten Wi-Fi outlets and lights! So… How would you use Jasco Enbrighten Wi-Fi Indoor or Outdoor Smart Plugs? You can find them easily online or at Lowes!

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