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In March of 2020 when schools and office buildings first closed down due to the COVID-19, I had NO IDEA just how many ways our lives would be impacted! One thing that surprised me was just how much more messy our house became! As a family of 5 (including 3 boys) and 2 dogs, the house quickly became a non-stop mess! I felt like I was cleaning all day!

If you’re reading this post, either you saw my Instagram Post about Art Of Green® OR you’re a mom like me who is constantly cleaning up messes (and tired of it!). However, also wants to use cleaning products that are safe! Safe for us, safe for our kids, safe for our pets, and safe for the environment!

Boy that’s a lot of requirements – right? On top of that, it’s got to be affordable! I don’t want to spend a small fortune to clean our house!

So when I first heard about Art of Green and what makes it special (which I’ll get to soon, I promise!), I knew that I wanted to try it out! Art of Green was kind enough to sponsor this review but don’t worry! All the opinions are my own!

Okay so on to the review… For a cleaning product to become a staple in my home and get the Analytical Mommy seal of approval, it’s got to:

  • Be safe for my kids and pets (mostly natural, non-toxic, etc)
  • Be effective (I don’t have all day to scrub a single mess – there are lots of other messes that need my attention too you know!)
  • Smell great! (If I’m going to be cleaning, I at least want my house to smell great!)
  • Be affordable (see comment above about not spending a small fortune…)

So how does Art of Green stack up?

Cleaning Product Safety

Art of Green is dermatological tested and safe for sensitive skin! That’s a great start! It’s also free of toxic chemicals (free of parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color and phosphates) and 98% naturally derived!

Plus, the cleaning solution is biodegradable (28 days!)

What’s even better though is that they make it super easy to get details about every ingredient in their products! On their site, you can even find the CAS Number and function for every single ingredient including the “fragrance” which many brands hide behind! Here’s an example table:

Is Art of Green an Effective Cleaning Product?

Definitely! I’ve removed marker from pillows and rugs, and crayon from tables with it just to name a few! The wipes are super convenient and do a great job of getting messes off of just about any surface!

Does it smell great?

So far I’ve had a chance to try out their Lavender Eucalyptus and Citrus & White Flowers scents are both are amazing! The scent is lasting too which is wonderful!

If I had to name one thing that Art of Green could improve on, it would be to make more scents! These two are great and I’d love to see what else they can make! It’s a new brand though so I’m sure with time they will release more. (please!)

Is Art of Green an affordable green cleaning product?

Yes! It’s around the same price as the mainstream cleaners I’d buy but much less than many of the “natural cleaners” on the market! The wipes costs $2.99 and the trigger spray is just $2.79!

So would I recommend Art of Green?

Absolutely! Especially if you’re new to green cleaning products, this is an especially amazing first one to try because of how affordable and effective it is! Once you see what Art of Green can do, you won’t go back to the toxic smelling (and bad-for-you) products again! Look for it at Target or your other favorite stores!

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