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As a parent, finding balance and a place of calmness for your kids is probably something that’s high up on your radar. Figuring out how to decorate a kids room is something that we all tend to wonder about.

From hectic school days to the pressure of everyday life, being a kid isn’t always a simple walk in the park. Little kids (and older kids, too) have big emotions, feelings, and insight that deserve to be recognized. And sometimes, they just need a place that they can relax and just “be”.

This is why in our house, we’ve made it a focus to create a calm and intentional bedroom for our children that allows them to focus, unwind, and let the kid in them be true to who they are. 

how to decorate a kids room

We recently had a chance to partner with Desenio and it inspired me to update our kid’s rooms! I wanted to make their rooms a space that is calmer and more intentional and we’re so excited to share the results with every one of you. 

What is a calming color for a bedroom?

The color of your child’s bedroom walls is a big deal. The brighter a paint color, the more energy the room is going to have. The calmer the color, the more mellow the mood. 

Some of the best calming colors for a bedroom would be light blues or grays and there have been actual studies that have shown those colors are great at reducing stress levels for those sleeping or spending time in them. (and from a mom’s perspective, it’s a simple wall color to be versatile with other decor patterns or colors, too!)

gray room decor for kids

Is minimalism a good calming method?

For us, it is. I know what you’re thinking…”How in the world do you practice minimalism in your child’s room?” And I’m here to tell you, it’s really not that hard at all. 

We made it known in our house that bedrooms are mainly to be used for sleeping and doing homework. This doesn’t mean that they don’t play in their rooms or use their imagination to have alone time, but for the most part, we keep only a few toys in their rooms and the toys are very organized and (mostly) out of site and not in use.

By not having distracting items like toys visible in their rooms, they can focus on things that matter, need to get done, or use their imagination momre. Since we don’t have their bedroom walls and floors lined with toys, our kids sleep better and enjoy spending time at their desks doing things like building legos, drawing, or doing homework. 

Clutter is stressful for adults so what makes us think that it wouldn’t have the same effect on kids as well?

With this thought process, we just decided that the bedrooms would be simple, positive, and welcoming. 

How to Decorate a Kids Room to Create a Calm and Intentional Place for Rest

Our reasons for creating a relaxing space in our kid’s room works well for us and has for quite some time. I love that the kids know that they can go to their room for quiet time, study time, rest time, imagination time, and anything else that they feel comfortable with and need to do. 

The other reason that I’m over the moon with having gray walls in their bedrooms is that it’s perfectly neutral and pairs well with anything!.

minimalist kid room decorating

Adding decor and positive focal points to bedroom walls 

Outside the walls of our home, the world is a different place. Every day, we come in contact with great people, interesting people, motivating people, and sadly, people who might not come across as being overly positive either. For that reason, we love to remind our children that the world is full of opportunities, kindness, fun, and compassion.

One of my most favorite ways to motivate and inspire my kids is through the artand fun prints hanging up on their walls. (Plus, I LOVE the fact that I can easily change them out and it instantly gives the rooms a new vibe and look!)

You are your only limit wall art to inspire kids through home decor
“You are your only limit” Wall Art

I’ve fallen in love with the prints and wall decor options that I found at our sponsor’s site – –  and I highly recommend choosing them for your bedrooms or living areas as well. They offer amazing choices that include calming art, fun quotes, and are some of the best quality that I’ve found. (I MIGHT have spent a few hours looking at literally everything on their website…so many good choices!) 

And just because I couldn’t choose which ones to get, I’ve ordered quite a few of them so that I can easily change them out over the next coming months. 

Here are some of our top choices that are going to be displayed in the kid’s room over the course of this year. 

Motivational and Calming Quotes for Kid’s Rooms

intentional kids room

“Hello, Sunshine!”

Isn’t this just the cutest sign to wake up to?

simple kids bedroom decor

“Sometimes being a big brother is even better than being a Superhero.” 

If you have a proud big brother, you’re not going to find anything more perfect than this. 

“I love you to the moon and back.” 

We repeat this to our children over and over again and they love it. 

organized kids bedroom how to decorate

“Always be yourself unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.”

Yes, always. be. Batman. 

In an instant, any bedroom will have an amazing look with these great quotes and prints. And if you like to have a little bit of learning in the rooms, check out this printed World Map or this fun Animal Alphabet. These would be PERFECT to have hanging up over a desk or near a cute little book nook as well. 

Creating a calm and intentional bedroom for our kids has been one of the best choices we’ve ever made for our family. It’s a dedicated space for them that allows them to be 100% true and authentic to themselves. And if they learn anything from us as parents, it’s that we want them to be true to who they are, every day. 

Make certain to check out all the great print options at Desenio online. In one simple delivery, you can easily change the whole look and vibe of a room with minimal effort while creating a wonderful and minimal look. 

how to decorate a toddler room

Do you have any other thoughts or tips on how to decorate a kids room to help create a calm and intentional space for them?

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