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Ready to be in awe of one of the easiest organization products, ever? You’re going to learn how to organize your craft room with the Create Room Dreambox in just a few simple steps so that it’s organized, takes up very little space, and fuels your creativity!

And… I’ve got an amazing COUPON “CREATEMOM” for you that will save you tons!

See below for details!

I’m not being overly dramatic when I make this next statement….but the CreateRoom DreamBox literally changed my life. In this post, I’m going to share my review of the Create Room Dreambox and try to help you determine if it’s a fit for you! Feel free to comment with questions if I’ve missed something and I’ll update the post to answer your questions!

Before we get too far… I have a coupon code for you to save!

Create Room Dreambox Coupon Code

The Create Room Dreambox is an amazing investment – think beautiful furniture + crafting muse … It’s incredible and will definitely help you craft MORE! Luckily there are a few ways to save on it! You can use my code CREATEMOM to get $100 off your DreamBox!

Create Room and I partnered on this post. They graciously provided me with a DreamBox to test out and a coupon code that I can share with you! All opinions are my own of course though! I’m just here to share my story and help you decide if Dreambox is a fit for you too!

My exclusive coupon!

CreateRoom occasionally has extra special deals (like Black Friday deals!) When they do, I’ll have that deal shown just above this paragraph! If you don’t see one listed there, don’t worry! You can always save a minimum of $100 off your DreamBox with my exclusive code CREATEMOM! Just click the link and add that code at check out! (Make sure to bookmark and pin this page so you don’t lose the code!)

And… on special occasions they have even better deals available! I’ll try to add those deals to this post when they have them and will share them to my newsletter too!

Alright… enough about that! Let’s get to the good stuff!…

What is a DreamBox?

The DreamBox is a compact, yet spacious, storage system that can help you store all of your crafting and sewing supplies with ease. It’s a simple solution with shelving, storage compartments, and other areas that offer endless possibilities for what items it can hold, store, and organize.

Oh and it’s on wheels! This means that I can push and pull this baby with me easily when I get a wild hair to rearrange a room or change our current layout! Let’s face it – I do that often!

So if you have lots of craft supplies, or have kids with lots of arts supplies – then keep reading!

When closed, the Dreambox looks like the photo above. Just a regular armoire or cabinet. When you order yours, you can customize it so that when it’s closed, it matches your decor!

Once you open it though…. Well, just take a look…

It’s so cool how this opens and closes!

You just open the doors which then also open to reveal a wall length cabinet that has seemingly endless storage plus a pull down TABLE!

It also comes with beautiful crystal clear totes of various sizes so that you can efficiently store just about anything you need! I put bigger cans of paint under the table, and everything else in the sides and middle area.

It also has a the PERFECT spot for a Cricut machine if you have one!

Then of course, they have endless accessories and add ones you can get. Their new Tote Tracks are an upgrade that I highly recommend! They will save your fingers and save you tons of time during setup and the next time you decide to change your configuration!

Oh that’s right – did I mention that the storage is completely modular! You can change it up as often as you need and make it truly fit YOUR unique needs!

How much can you really fit in a Dreambox?

Well, this is the supplies I gathered from ALL over the house…and it ALL fit with room to spare!

Everything we crammed into our DreamBox with room to spare!

This is where the DreamBox really shines. It was made with crafters, sewers, and parents who have tons of supplies in mind. There are so many different parts that you can order to configure and create the DreamBox that you really can tailor it to fit your stuff and fit the most you possibly can in this amazing box!

(Any Dr. Who fans? The Creatroom Dreambox is like a TARDIS! Feels so much bigger on the inside!)

Take a look at these close up photos of my Dreambox once I organized it and put it all away in its new home! Notice anything surprising? About half the supplies are actually for my kids!

We had tons of stuff for our kids all of the house and some of it was so hard to see or find. Once I setup our DreamBox my son almost instantly noticed the lanyard and said “I didn’t realize we still had that! Can I use it?”


This is why I really wanted a better storage and organization system. Without it, our kids and I were uninspired, wasted money on buying things we already had, or just wasted time looking for things that we were often out of.

How much does the DreamBox cost before my exclusive coupon?

Let’s just put it out there. The Create Room Dreambox is an investment at $2199 for the base model (before my coupon which I’ll share below). That said, the base model, even with no add-ons or accessories, is an amazing product that will give you tons of storage, free up space in your home, and make crafting more enjoyable! So don’t feel like you need to add on to it! (Plus it’s modular so you can add most things on at a later time!)

If you do choose to add on to it, you have additional options like color, crown molding/lighting, shaker doors, table-add-ons, additional totes, additional storage types etc. They really do make it easy to customize!

I know $2199 isn’t doable for everyone. If you decide that you want one and financing works for you, they offer 0% financing for 6 months! That’s not for everyone but it’s nice that they have the option!

But don’t forget… With my coupon code CREATEMOM you can get a minimum of $100 off year round! When there is an even better deal available, I’ll mention it above so if you hold off, make sure to pin and bookmark this page so you can check back for better deals! I’ll also share them in my newsletter!

Is DreamBox Right For you?

To find out, go on the Create Room Journey! Literally! Click the link and they’ll take you through just a few steps to help you decide if this is a good fit for you!

Everything in life is a journey to get us from one place to another. But when it comes to living your life to the best of your ability in your own home, it’s no secret that having a cluttered space will continue to create constant chaos.

This is why in my mind, I knew I was BEYOND ready to start by taking my Create Room journey – I wanted to clean up our crafting space (or should I say, clean up the craft stuff that was tucked away ALL over the house!) so that it would free up more of our creative freedom and thoughts.

My journey might be different than your journey but I can assure you that we’re all taking this journey for the same reason – to have a fresh perspective in a clean and organized space.

Here’s what my Dreambox Journey told me…

Why DreamBox is a fit for us

I wanted to be able to craft easily with the kids

How much time did we waste every day searching for craft products that we had no idea where they were? SO MUCH!

It was stressful, the kids got upset, and by the end of it all, we were still no further along than when we sat down to attempt to create.

I was over it. OVER IT.

I was overspending buying supplies I already had – but didn’t know I had because I couldn’t find them

Crazy, right? I found myself running to the craft store or ordering things off Amazon only to find that exact item a few days later already in our home. It was maddening.

I was literally double our costs for art supplies because of how chaotic our crafting area was.

My brain put a pause on my creativity because I couldn’t process where to even start

Have you ever looked at a mess and just stared at it, wondering what happened and how you’re going to move forward? This was the type of thing that when through my head when I or the kids wanted to craft. Where do I find everything? How do I make space for it all so we can craft? Will I remember where to put each thing back? How much time will this all take? It was debilitating!

I’m talking glue sticks on the floor, construction paper in the closet, markers laying on the ground with their lids off, and not to mention the explosion of glitter that made it look like a legit glitter bomb had just gone off in the room. Oh and my precious Cricut living on the FLOOR!

Anytime I wanted to start crafting, my mind put up an immediate mental block and all I could think about was how I needed to leave.

Once I realized that I was ready to do something about these issues and thoughts, I knew, without a doubt, that the most logical solution for my craft room storage needs would be to invest in a DreamBox ASAP.

If you’re wondering where to start, go on a Create Room Journey by clicking here and see where it takes you and if Dreambox is right for you!

My Personal DreamBox Experience

I’ll have to admit, I was a tad bit nervous about ordering something like this online. So many questions were running through my mind about logistics, the ability to put it together and set it up, and if this was truly the answer to all my never-ending stresses and worries that were built up by the clutter.

But in my mind, I just knew. I hate that intuition and instinct that this product was truly going to be worth it…and like I mentioned above, it was. I’ve never for one second wavered or second-guessed this decision. Ever.

First off, the package delivery is HUGE. GIANT. and exciting! As you can see, it’s literally as big as I am. Plan on having a helper to get it into the house as it’s going to be almost impossible to move it on your own.

The delivery box that the Create Room Dreambox comes in is HUGE!

When you order your DreamBox, you’ll get the choice to have some of it put together for you ahead of time. And while there will be an extra cost associated with that, time is money and this will be up to you to decide.

Once the DreamBox arrives, get your tools out and be ready to start assembling. The directions were really simple and straightforward and I honestly didn’t have any issues or hiccups along the way.

We got ours pre-built which meant that it came in three pieces that we had to connect and then configure the storage. It was surprisingly quick to do!

DreamBox Accessories

As with all great products, there are options to add in and buy accessories to go along with your organizational system. You can add extra shelving, plastic containers, plastic coverings, etc but those are up to you to add when you purchase or buy at a later time.

Here’s a tour of our Create Room Dreambox!

Tote Tracks

CreateRoom often comes out with really coolor upgrades and accessories! The latest is their Tote Tracks and I got a chance to try them out before they went public! I was SO EXCITED! Here’s a post all about the Tote Tracks so you can decide if they are right for you!

Why I Love DreamBox

I’ll admit it, I LOVE this product. I literally feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders when I enter our crafting space and room. I know behind those Dreambox doors is everything that we need to create anything that we want.

There’s no more wasted time looking for supplies. No more tears that a project can’t be finished because we’re out of something or can’t find it. And overall, we just have so much more joy in terms of creativity because the flow of our projects isn’t interrupted anymore by disorganization.

In terms of taking charge and learning how to organize your craft room, the Create Room DreamBox is one of the best organizational products that I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning.

I also love knowing that it’s something that will be functional for our home and needs for a very long time and that to me, is even more peace of mind.

If you’re on the fence about ordering your own Create Room DreamBox, I urge spend some time on their site, or shoot me a note! I’m happy to answer any questions you might have! Then, when you’re ready, use code CREATEMOM to get the latest deals!

The amount of happiness and positive energy that it will bring to your home will make you never second-guess your purchase, ever!

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