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When it comes to finding greeting cards, I always feel overwhelmed and bored at the same time! The greeting cards are either silly expensive and moderately interesting, or so boring that I wonder if I should just let my kids draw one instead! In comes Wee The Veggies!

Wee The Veggies is a super cute whimsical line of greeting cards unlike anything you’ve seen before! Each card features a cute little character that’s actually a VEGGIE! That’s right… the cards have vegetables dressed in different outfits and are in funny situations. I’m really excited to share my honest review with you!

When I review an item, I consider 4 things…

  1. Quality
  2. Value
  3. Use / Practicality
  4. Uniqueness

So with that, I’d like to introduce you to Wee The Veggies Greeting Cards and tell you what I think about them with respect to each of these criteria!

Wee The Veggies: A Greeting Card Review

Quality of Wee The Veggies Greeting Cards

So what makes a greeting card “good quality”?

I’d say it would be:

  • Good sturdy card stock
  • High definition graphics
  • Cute easy to read text on the inside

Well… Wee The Veggies checks all these boxes! I was extremely impressed by how thick and sturdy the cards are! The super cute images on the cards are really crisp and definitely eye catching! And then the messages on the inside are so easy to ready, even a young kid new to reading will be able to sound the message out!


At just $4.50 per card + a free envelope + FREE SHIPPING, these are a great value! High quality and low cost is the definition of value right?

Use / Practicality

This is perhaps the most fun criteria!

I like products that are easy to use, have a wide variety of ways in which it can be used, or are simply better than their competitors!

So… What about Wee The Veggies Cards?

Wee The Veggies: A Greeting Card Review

Oh boy! There are definitely SO MANY uses for them and they are definitely easy to use!

Sure you could attach one to a birthday present or use them as a thank you note. But my favorite way…

I love to use them for friendly notes! Do you remember having pen pals as a kid? Pen pal letters seem to be dying out but it’s just as much fun today as it was then!

Before the end of the school year, I gave my son a bunch of the cards that Wee The Veggies had sent me and let him write notes to each of his friends. On the cards he wrote a personal note and asked them to write him back. It’s such a great way to stay in touch!

I honestly wasn’t sure what my son would think of the cards at first but he loved them! He had a BLAST picking out the cards to send to each person and was so excited to give them out! Even my youngest wanted a few cards to draw on.

Then of course, these cards feature vegetables! It’s a great way to make vegetables fun!


Uniqueness? Is there any denying that these cards are unique? I’m not sure that I need to say much here!

These cards are so cute and surprising that they absolutely stand out from all other greeting cards! The recipient of these cards will no doubt smile and/or laugh and then remember the card for years to come!

The Verdict?

I love these cards! They are so fun, cute, and made well! The price is right too!

The ONLY downside I see is that they aren’t in stores yet! I’d love to be able to grab one in Target on a whim. Until then, I’ll have to enjoy the free shipping!



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The cutest greeting cards for kids and adults alike! Love these! Read this review to learn all about them!