DIY Paper pumpkins are made from a few simple cuts of paper that are then glued together to create a 3D paper pumpkin shape.

I love seeing how this project starts as two-dimensional pieces of paper and turns into a head-turning 3D paper pumpkin!

You’re going to want extra-strong glue and you may get a bit of glue on your fingers so it’s really important to use glue that won’t burn your fingers, dries clear, and holds strong!


• Cardstock • Glue • Scoring stylus or scoring tool • Printer • 3D Paper Pumpkin SVG and PDF • Scissors or a cutting machine


Get my free 3D Paper Pumpkin SVG, PDF, and PNG! Once you download the pattern, you will need to unzip/extract the file to get to the individual patterns.


Decide on the size paper pumpkin you want to make. Once you have the individual pattern files, you will need to decide on which you want to use.


Upload the Paper Pumpkin SVG file into Design Space. Now you can either upload the SVG file to Design Space, or you can click the Design Space link included in the Zip file.


Add score lines to make creating these paper pumpkins easier. The first thing we need to do is convert some of our lines to score lines.


First, right-click anywhere, click ungroup. Now look at the object list on the right-hand side - you'll see a plus sign looking shape with a bunch of small lines under it that each say "basic cut".

Swipe up for full tutorial!