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Vegetables are a very important part of your child’s diet, but the way your children act when you ask them to eat their veggies you might think that you are trying to poison them or something! There is no need to fret, however. There are a lot of ways in which you can get your kids to eat a healthier diet, one that is full of healthy vegetables that would make them grow up to be healthy and strong. Here are 5 ways to get your kids to eat veggies.

1. Just Cook One Thing: 

It might be tempting to give your kid the option to have something they would like just to make sure they would eat, but this is actually the wrong thing to do. Give your kids just the one option, the one with vegetables. Your child will soon get used to the idea of having vegetables with every meal and this would make it easier for you to keep your child healthy in the long run. I used to cook a bunch of different things because I like to spoil my kids, but sometimes tough love is the right way to go! Once I started serving one dish my kids got used to veggies in a snap.

2. Give Veggie Snacks:

You can buy a pair of cheap tennis shoes and take your child out to play a nice, invigorating game in order to have some bonding time with your kids, and you can offer them snacks that are vegetable based. Carrot sticks, asparagus and peanut butter, all of these are delicious snacks that your kids is going to love once they start getting used to it. You just need to be persistent about it. If you’re a little concerned trust me I can relate, my kids were very annoyed when I started giving them veggies for snacks! Just power through it for the greater good.

3. Use Dips:

Vegetables are healthy no matter what you dip them in, so there is no reason why you can’t incorporate condiments into your kids’ meals in order to get them to eat their veggies without complaint. One good choice is ranch dressing. This is delicious and healthy and can make veggies a real treat for your kids to enjoy! Another great option is hummus, and this option is a lot healthier too. You can even try salsa if you want to give your kids a real treat! If you’re like me you’d probably start using dips and veggies as your go to snacks even when you’re kids aren’t around, it’s just that tasty. My personal favorite is hummus and carrot sticks! Not too spicy but still very flavorful.

4. Don’t Be Too Harsh:

Your kids are going to take some time getting used to the fact that they have to eat vegetables on a regular basis if they have never done it before. You should be patient with them and give them time to adjust. Don’t get angry with them otherwise they are going to be even more unlikely to accept the new diet that you are trying to put them on! My husband used to be very firm with our kids but when I talked to him he changed his attitude and started being a little lenient. It worked wonders and helped our kids look at veggies so much more positively.

5. Make it Fun:

You can help your kids build castles out of carrot sticks or turn a stick of broccoli into a plane. Doing things like this would help your kids to associate eating vegetables with having fun with you, something that would help them warm up to the idea of changing their diet like this. My oldest was actually the first to enjoy his veggies when I built him a fort made of carrots and peas. He ate it up in no time and had a great time doing it too! Kids shouldn’t play with their food, but sometimes it helps make the process easier.

All of these tips are going to be of great help when you are trying to make your kids healthier through their diet!

Have you tried any of these? Do you have more to add? Comement below and share!

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