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I’m so excited to share this Reading Eggs Review! I’ve been trying out so many reading programs for kids and researching how to teach reading skills for about a year now on and off.

When my oldest was in daycare they actually taught all the kids to read at a first grade level before the kids “graduated” preschool! At the time, I didn’t realize just how unusual that was! Now, my 5 year old is about to head to Kindergarten and I have been trying every reading book and online reading program that I can get my hands on at home. Not because I think kids NEED to know how to read before they get to Kindergarden, but because he’s been asking me to teach him how to read!

When Reading Eggs reached out to me about reviewing their online reading program, I was definitely skeptical. I had tried so many and was actually in the middle of testing another program that wasn’t working out. I decided to give it a shot though and I’m so glad that I did! This post is sponsored by Reading Eggs, but all opinions are my own.

What is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs is an online reading program that has customized reading games and activities for kids as young as 2 and as old as 13! (It also has a math module but I won’t be covering that in this post)

The program is based on scientific research plus experience teachers, writers and developers but guess what? All the at-home reading programs I’ve tried claim that and I’ve seen so many other program fail! So why is this one different?

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During our experience using Reading Eggs, I’ve noticed that it teaches through games, songs and videos. It seems to teach reading in the same way that babies learn language – immersion. The app doesn’t have kids memorize that “A” makes the sound “aaaaa”…. The app show them sounds in many different ways until the sounds simply becomes a fact that the kids know without thinking. So cool!

How does Reading Eggs work?

There’s two elements to Reading Eggs – The child’s views and the parent’s dashboard. In the child’s view, there is a map that kids will pass through similar to the map in old school Super Mario (if you remember that). Kids play games and do different activities to pass each level and then move on to the next in a specific order to “clear” a map.

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According to their website, Reading Eggs focuses on five key elements: Phonics and phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, comprehension, and reading for meaning.

This means that they are go way above learning to string certain sounds together! Within just a couple days of using Reading Eggs, I noticed my son actually SPELLING words and writing sentences! I was baffled!

What if your kid already reads a little?

One of the first things you’ll do when your kid starts Reading Eggs is choose between doing a reading test or just jumping right in! Since I felt that my son needed to start from the beginning again, I didn’t do the reading test. That said, I LOVE that they have this feature!

In fact, you can redo the reading test at any time or initiate a reading test if you didn’t originally do one but decide that you want to! Then the program will adapt to your kid’s reading ability!

Since every reading program starts a different way, here’s a sneak peak at what Reading Eggs covers in their first “Map”:

How many levels are in Reading Eggs?

Within the age 3-7 Reading Eggs program, there are 120 different levels! This is broken into 12 maps that each have 10 lessons (or levels). That means that there’s a LOT for your little on to do and they won’t get bored of it easily! Unlike some other programs that get very repetitive, every Reading Eggs lesson I’ve seen is feels “new” to my son. He’s always excited to pass one or start a new one! Plus each level focuses on a different skill… Take a look at what they cover in Map 12!

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Can you use Reading Eggs on tablets? Does Reading Eggs have an app?

Absolutely! Reading Eggs has an app for Apple products and JUST released an app for Android devices! soon! This means that your LO can learn with Reading Eggs anytime you have a free second on the computer, tablet, or even your phone!

What if you have more than one kid?

Reading Eggs has different subscription levels and one of them allows you to have multiple kids use the program! Each kid will get their own area to work/play in and you’ll get separate reports for each!

Since Reading Eggs has activities for kids age 2-13, this is a really great option if you have more than one kid. You KNOW that once one kid sees the other having fun with it, they are going to want to play too!

How did my 5 year old like Reading Eggs?

We always joke that our 5 year old is a future gamer! He LOVES video games and tablets more than your typical 5 year old! Reading Eggs gave us a chance to turn his gaming obsession into a learning opportunity!

He will ask to “Play Reading Eggs” (that’s how we refer to it) and then will run over to me when he finishes a level or takes a quiz! “Mom, did you get another email? Did you see how well I did?”

He’s always so excited when he completes a quiz or map because he has learned that I’ll get a message about it and he wants me to see how well he did at his “game”!

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My oldest is now asking to try it out too and he’s 9 – so I’m thinking of upgrading so that I can get him setup too!

I think it’s safe to say that my 5 year old is a huge fan – so this is “5 year old approved!” I’ve started to point out how much he’s learned from the game though I was afraid to do so at first (I didn’t want him to realize it wasn’t JUST a game).

He has started to point out words he sees that he can read and ask to read me a book! He’s not quite ready to read a book yet, but that fact that he’s so excited to and feels confident, is amazing!

He has also started to type words into the search box of his tablet when looking for something! I watched him sound out “Batman” the other day and we have only been using the app for a month.

How did I like Reading Eggs?

I’m so glad that we learned about Reading Eggs! I was getting so frustrated with the other reading programs that we had tried. Here was a kid who genuinely wanted to learn and was excited to be able to read on his own (and read to his little brother) one day… and I was struggling to find the time, energy, and tools to teach him!

Sure he’d learn eventually. He starts kindergarten soon and he’ll have an expert teacher help him along – but I’m his mom and he was asking me and I just couldn’t make it work!

One of my favorite things about Reading Eggs is that your little one can learn to read with it on their own OR with you! If you need to do dishes, or feed another sibling, they can still login and play/learn. Once you’re done with other stuff, you can sit with them and jump in anytime to play along and use Reading Eggs with them!

Reading Eggs gives you the flexibility to let them learn independently or with you so it works great no matter what your schedule is like!

I’m not encouraging you to give them a tablet to play with alone for hours, but if they are in the mood to learn and you can’t sit with them at that very moment, they can still “play Reading Eggs”. It lets you let them learn whenever they are in the mood! No lost opportunities!

Plus, since they think it’s a game and fun, they’re going to want to play with it A LOT…. so don’t let those learning opportunities slip away!

How much does it cost for Reading Eggs? Is there a coupon?

As of when I’m writing this Reading Eggs review, the prices are as follows:

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The great news is that as a reader of the Analytical Mommy, you get to try out Reading Eggs for 4 weeks (versus the typical 2-week trial they offer) before you have to pay a penny! You don’t even need a discount code! You’ll get two extra weeks to try out Reading Eggs before you buy! Just click on Start My Reading Eggs Free Trial and start your 4 week trial today!

So, what do I think about Reading Eggs compared to its competitors?

I’ve tried out a lot of online reading programs and reading packages and this is the only one you see reviewed on my site….That’s because this is the only one I’ve truly been impressed with.

I love that it’s priced well so that you can pay a small amount for just a month or two if you want rather than have to commit to $100 or more at once.

I love that Reading Eggs has activities for a wide age group because once you get your kid hooked on it, you can continue that momentum for years to come and help them continue to learn at home. So many others only focus on early reading or on preschool topics.

Most of all, I love that the lessons and activities are so much fun! There’s no better way to learn than through play – so you know your kid will enjoy “playing Reading Eggs” and will retain what they learn! No obvious letter and sound memorization drills here!

This is definitely a great program to try out and with my 4-week trial link, you can be absolutely sure that you love it before you pay a penny!

Imagine how much your kid could learn and have fun with Reading Eggs during the next school break!

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