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  1. My daughter is afraid to do poo in the toilet. How do you ease that

    1. Hi Linda!
      One of my sons went through that too. Does she seem to be holding it? Is she wearing diapers/pull-ups still or just udnerpants or nothing?

      In my son’s case, he would hold it until his poop became hard which then made things worse (because any attempt to poop hurt). Our pediatrician recommended a stool softener (and a diet that was soft-stool friendly) to help make the experience less painful and difficult. By that point, getting him to even try was difficult because he was scared and it hurt… so we had to encourage him to sit and try to “pee” more often so that he would find himself on the potty when the urge to poop came. We also talked to him a lot while he was on that potty during those few days so that he would be distracted and not realize what was happening.

      Do you think your daughter might be holding it too (making her poop hard)?

  2. My son whose almost 3 is doing pretty good at potty training when it comes to peepee. He runs around naked in the house each morning and go in when he feels he needs to go. However we put underwear on and for some reason in his mind he thinks it ok to go because he has something on even though it’s not a diaper. Suggestions? Thank you!

    1. Hi Whitney! Sounds like you are off to a great start! Does his underwear have any fun designs on it that he likes? That seemed to make a big difference for us.
      If buying a new pack of underwear is an option, then maybe you could try taking him to the store to buy a new pack of “big boy underwear that we are going to keep dry!” Or maybe you could take some out of his current set for a few days and then return them to him wrapped up like a present and do the same… try to make a disconnect between now and the NEW underwear that needs to stay dry.

      We had to do something similar with my first because of how many starts and stops we had. He really didn’t understand underwear.

      Good luck!! I’d love to hear how it goes !

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