Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in joining one of my group boards! To be considered, please make sure to follow me and the board(s) you’re interested in. Then leave a genuine comment on my most recent blog post and include which board(s) you are interested in joining along with your Pinterest associated email address. (My most recent posts are to the right on desktop and below on mobile) Once added to my board(s), please be sure to follow the rules below. You can reference this page at any time if you need a refresher. Thanks! Rachel Board Rules: As you may know, Pinterest’s new smart feed uses “quality” as on of the factors it considers and that includes boards. To make my group boards effective for everyone using them, I’m asking all board contributors to repin at least one pin for every pin they post. This will keep the boards from being interpreted as “spam” boards and encourage Pinterest to include our pins from this board in the feeds!
  • No more than 3 pins per day.
  • No duplicates please (delete your previous pin if you really want to repin it)
  • For every 2 pins you pin to these boards, repin 1 or more of someone else’s pins.
  • Stay on topic (see board descriptions)
  • Vertical pins only. (Pin must be taller than it is wide)
  • Pins should link to blog posts. No pins to affiliate links.
  • I reserve the right to delete any pins that are not a fit for the board, or offensive, or if the pinner does not follow the rules.
Let’s make these boards and its pin go viral!