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Let’s face it…the kitchen is an important part of the house. Who would have thought that out of all of the space in our homes, the kitchen would ultimately become the area to do almost everything that we need – besides sleep, of course!

My kitchen is a place to fill our bellies, slow down and have quality time, and bond together over cooking and eating. I’ve always wanted a spacious kitchen that would be calming and inviting.

Since I spent a ton of time in the kitchen, I’m all about picking features that will make the kitchen more welcoming, inviting, and efficient! Even simple upgrades like painting kitchen cabinets or painting your countetops can be a great way to give your kitchen new life!

Sometimes you need something a bit more drastic though and a renovation is a must. In our case for example, we desperately needed to remove two walls and a drop down ceiling to achieve my goal – so although I loved my painted kitchen cabinets, we had to say good bye to them.

Once we started the design process for our new kitchen, I realized just how many decisions and details there were! Every time I thought that I had considered every angle, I uncovered something new to consider.

A big factor for us was the fact that we have 3 young kids. Sometimes I’d pick something out design-wise and then realize the next day that the kitchen feature I’d picked would be a nightmare with little kids! So this list is really helpful for you if you have kids!

beautiful recently renovated kitchen with best kitchen features like mid back non-turning bar stools

Then there’s that pesky little detail of COST. Wow! Kitchen stuff can get SO expensive! I like to look for good value but I also have a budget to stick to. So there are some areas where I really hunted for a deal and other areas where I splurged a bit so that I could get what I was looking for and stay within our budget.

In the list below, I’ll share with you what every kitchen needs (based on my many many hours of research) to help you make decisions about your upcoming kitchen renovation!


Best Kitchen Design Features For Your Next Kitchen

Check out this list of great kitchen upgrade ideas for your next kitchen remodel or DIY project! This list is especially helpful if you have young kids and are looking for a modern kitchen that can stand the test of time (and little hands).

I hope you find this list helpful as you decide which of these must have kitchen features are a fit for your new kitchen!

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