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  1. Awesome post! I have to save this for when Bella is older, Thanks!

  2. This is such a cool idea! It’s so often I curse technology for melting our kids brains (I blame YouTube), but this is actually a way parents can use technology in a way that actually makes kids more engaged! I’ll definitely be trying it!

    I love your blog as a whole and your overall tone.

  3. Hi Rachel, great post. I agree with you about integrating technology into your life if it means furthering your kids development. Thanks for the share.

  4. Hi Rachel!

    How cool! I’m very excited for the rise of AR / VR and how it will shape education in the future, and this is the first I’ve heard about Playing World’s stories. What a clever, engaging, and creative way to tell a story!

    One other neat change I’ve heard about is going to involve Amazon’s Alexa – I can’t remember if it will be built in natively by Amazon or it’s a third-party addon. Anyway, it listens to the book you’re reading when reading out loud to your child, and automatically adds in sound effects that match the text. For example, stating that the characters enter a jungle will trigger jungle background sounds to play.

    Haven’t tried it as I don’t believe it’s out yet, but interesting and exciting concept. I’d love to see how both of these things could come together and build an even more immersive experience. Thanks for sharing this!