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I was lucky enough to get the Tote Tracks which function like a Rail System my new DreamBox! I also got my Dreambox pre-built so some pegs were already included (like in the narrow parts). I considered just leaving the pegs that were ALREADY there because they were in really tight and I thought it might just be easier to let them be. I’m so glad that I didn’t

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FIrst … What are Tote Tracks?

Here’s a video showing how easy the tracks are to use, how they work, and some of the benefits of using them!

Why did I switch out the pegs that were already there?

When I went to put the shelves and totes in the narrow spot, they wouldn’t sit straight and looked horrible! They seemed to be tipping!

So, I decided to go ahead and remove all (what seemed like) 4,000 pegs so that I could replace them with the tracks (which I had already installed everywhere else in my Dreambox!

Here’s a tip: When you remove the pegs, use plyers! It will go quicker and save your finger tips!

Well, after removing all the pegs, adding the tracks was a piece of cake. It took probably 100th of the time to add the tracks compared to how long it took to remove the pegs!

And here’s a video that shows you how convenient they are when you want to change things up in your Dreambox, like when I wanted to add my new Paper Organizer!

And finally, here’s some pictures of how that narrow section looks now that I have the tracks installed rather than the pegs! It was worth every second to remove them and was so easy to add the tracks in! Look how clean and neat that is!!! I love it! (And the shelves don’t budget at all now unless I REALLY want to remove the shelf)

You can also see how nice the new thick shelves look with the tracks! So pretty!!!

And of course, with the new Tote Tracks you don’t need shelves for the large totes!

I love that! You canf it so much more in the Dreambox now!!

Did I answer all your questions? Comment below if you have any other questions or want to see something else about these or anything else Dreambox related close up! I’m happy to add more info!

How do I get Tote Tracks?

If you already have a Dreambox, you can buy Tote Tracks and upgrade by clicking here. There’s currently no coupon code for them but they occasionally go on sale!

If you don’t yet have a Dreambox, you can get them with your Dreambox when you order and the regular codes apply to your new Dreambox! See the links and codes below to save tons!

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