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Let’s just start off by agreeing that craft rooms get messy FAST (like, really really fast!). This is why I’m beyond happy to reveal my Dreambox Storage Craft Room makeover along with sharing all the details when it comes to Decorating and Organizing any craft room!

In fact, I love what I was able to do so much that I decided it was too good to keep to myself.

And if you’re new to the word of wonder (aka DreamBox) I’m here to tell you why this is a MUST-HAVE addition to your home. It has literally changed the entire flow and layout.

organized craft room using a dreambox
I’m here to show you why you need a DreamBox for your home!

What is a DreamBox Storage Cabinet?

It’s the storage unit of all storage units for your crafting supplies (that also includes an adjustable table!). This is not only great for organizing your kid’s craft supplies but if you’re a crafter, knitter, crocheter, or have an Etsy shop, this is going to change your entire life. Seriously. I’m not being dramatic.

It’s a must for Craft Supply Organization. I’ll never organize craft supplies any other way. Ever.

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Why do you need a DreamBox for your craft room?

To be honest, I put off getting a DreamBox for a while because I kept telling myself that I could control all my crafting clutter. But after literally YEARS of kidding myself, I knew that I had to make a change.

Confession time… I stored my precious Cricut machine on the floor in the living room. Yea… My system wasn’t working.

The DreamBox was what was the most logical and functional for all my needs and I knew that I couldn’t put off any longer – I couldn’t handle all the clutter. (Seriously how does glitter multiply at such a rapid rate???)

a cricut storage space within a dreambox
DreamBox is perfect for storing your Cricut Machine

Some of my favorite benefits of using the DreamBox

  • I’m able to keep all my craft supplies, all the kid’s art supplies, and all my extra office supplies in one organized space
  • I’m able to work at a table WITH all my supplies. It’s all within reach at the table and makes it super simple for me. The DreamBox comes with a table that folds when not in use but comes out at sitting or standing height easily!
  • My Cricut has a home that’s within reach so I can make new projects when inspiration hits and it’s stored safely now (vs. on the floor! *cringe*)
  • It’s big enough for me to enjoy using the table with my kids at the same time and they sell add-on tables if you want them too!
  • It closes up so that I can tuck it all away when we have company over and they need to use the guest room (which doubles as my craft room when we don’t have company) – This means that I’m able to make great use of a room that would normally be empty most of the year btw!
  • It’s modular so that I can fit everything perfectly and rearrange as my needs change or I want to try something new. (Did I mention that it now comes with special tracks to be able to move around sections easily?! Click here to read why these new Dreambox Tote Tracks are so amazing and why you might want to upgrade from the old peg system if you already have a DreamBox)

To read more about why I love our DreamBox, you can read my CreateRoom DreamBox Review + Coupon!: How To Organize Your Craft Room!

DreamBox Storage Makeover Revealed

I know what you’re thinking…why would a storage unit need to fit your home decor? But in my mind – why not?

I’m a crafter at heart and I’m happies when things are neat and organized. I love to change things up and create and since the DreamBox is a clean slate on the inside, you can easily decorate your DreamBox to make it fit with the overall look of the room or your home.

a picture of an organized craft room using a dreambox with tote liners, a cricut machine storage space, and contact paper
Look how organized my craft room is after setting up our DreamBox!

The outside of the DreamBox is also customizable – Click here to see all the options you can pick from when you order it!

Simple Ways to Decorate Your DreamBox

Once I received and put together my DreamBox (which took only minutes because I ordered it pre-built and only 3 pieces!), I knew that there were going to be two simple ways to decorate it.

My ideas were:

  • To add liners to the totes and,
  • to add decorative paper to parts of the insides and,
  • then add labels to the toes (since you can’t see inside anymore). 

Simple and functional. Both super important for my time and sanity.

Why tote liners?

A benefit of the tote liners is that they keep the box looking clean and neat. The totes are clear which at first I thought would be great because I could see what’s inside but it quickly became overwhelming.

one side of a dreambox decorated with contact paper and tote liners
Tote Liners help to keep your crafts clean and organized

I used mostly solid-colored liners (plain black) to keep it neutral, clean, and calm since the DreamBox is big with lots of stuff.

I kept it clean looking for the young kids to make it simple for them so they don’t feel overwhelmed and lose their drive to create with it!. (I’ll also be showing you how I made my DreamBox a usable space for my kids and me.)

Decorative Paper to Line The DreamBox

I also decided to add decorative paper to the backs of some of the interior of the DreamBox (the swing doors and the alcove) to make it more pretty, personalized, and “home” like.

I found two great and inexpensive ways to decorate the inside of my DreamBox:

  1. Wrapping Paper
  2. Contact Paper

The wrapping paper is the easiest and most inexpensive option. I just used wrapping paper cut to size and stuck it on using glue dots. This was the quickest and easiest because you didn’t have to worry about it lining up perfectly or worry about air bubbles.

The wrapping paper was actually able to slide into the seems making for a simple and foolproof fit. (it even slid into the seams of the fixed cubbies in the doors!)

kids craft supplies organized in jars
Lining the DreamBox using the Contact Paper Method

After using the wrapping paper for a bit (white with silver polka dots), I decided to change it up again and tried the contact paper method. Since it’s so easy to do, I could see myself changing the look and feel of the DreamBox often! (I instantly felt inspired and creative!)

The contact paper method was a bit harder because it’s fully sticky and I had to make sure to avoid air bubbles but I LOVED the gray wood grain look I was able to get so it was well worth it!

Tip When Using Contact Paper

By the last piece of contact paper, I had learned a trick to make application easier! I only removed the backing from the top and bottom couple inches of the contact paper – not in the middle. This meant that I had way fewer areas to worry about bubbles and it was easier to move around until I positioned it perfectly! (Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later for this tip!)

I definitely recommend adding a custom look using either method!  I needed two rolls of this to complete the box.

For the tote liners, I tried tons of methods… here’s what I learned… 

Tips When Using Tote Liners for Your DreamBox Storage

It can be hard to get the tote liners to lay flat against the front of the totes. Doubling up on 65lb cardstock won’t lay flat every time. I actually made 2x as many in different prints so that they’d be reversible and thicker, then glued two together for each tote and it didn’t help.

Many of them will curl and not lay flat against the front of the tote. Also, if the totes aren’t 100% full near the front they may fall back. Now I use tiny glue dots on the top corners to hold them in place. 

Luckily it’s not a waste because my tote liners are now reversible in case I want to quickly change things up!

How to Make Tote Liners For Your DreamBox

To make Tote Liners, you’ll want to cut the Tote Liner SVGs that CreateRoom provides on cardstock. They have the perfect size and shape! You can do this either by hand or with a Cricut Machine.

I’ve learned that people often encounter two challenges when trying to cut the tote liners:

  • They don’t have a Cricut machine or any way to print the SVGs CreateRoom provides or,
  • They have a Cricut Machine but can’t arrange all three tote liner sizes efficiently on the 12×12 sheet or get frustrated having to rearrange them often.

Not to worry! CreateRoom gave me permission to share the templates I made using their SVGs with you! Here’s how they work:

How to Cut Tote Liners with a Cricut Machine

When you use your Cricut to cut them, you can fit 1 large tote, 1 medium tote, and 2 small totes on a 12×12 sheet of cardstock if you align them a certain way. You can get the SVGs from CreateRoom’s blog here which are perfectly sized for their totes and then align them in Cricut’s design space software.

OR you can download my version from my exclusive Resource Library which makes arranging them and cutting them so much easier! 

Normally you’d have to add the individual SVGs to Design Space and then arrange them just right on the mat when you go to cut. It’s hard to get them just right, so I’ve made a file that makes it super simple!

Here’s how to use the tote liner template once you’ve downloaded it (if you’re skilled at Design Space just skip to step 11!):

  1. Save the file to your computer
  2. Open Design Space
  3. Click “New”
  4. Click “Upload”
  5. Choose “Upload Image”
  6. Select the file you just downloaded
  7. Choose “Simple” it should be fine and then continue
  8. Click continue again
  9. Select “Save as a Cut Image”
  10. Select the image you just added and then click “Insert Images”
  11. Resize the image that just got added to 11.5 inches. (You’ll notice a line around the tote liners – this is there so that you can reset the imported templates back to the size they are supposed to be!)
  12. Place a 12×12 cardstock on your Cricut Mat
  13. Click  “Make It”
  14. You may get a message that says “At least one of your images is larger than 11.5” in height or width. Select OK to continue with a larger mat or Cancel to return to the canvas to reduce the size”. If you do, just click OK and proceed – even with a standard size mat. It should cut fine – it has for me every time! If you were to shrink your image they wouldn’t fit the totes as well.
  15. Click “Continue” and follow the regular prompts making sure that you have your machine set to cut your cardstock! 

How to Cut Tote Liners By Hand

If you don’t own a Cricut machine, I also have a PDF you can use to print the template, cut it and then use that as a template to cut cardstock out to the right size and dimensions.

In this case, you just need to print the PDF I have in my Resource Library to a legal size piece of paper, cut out each piece, and then trace them onto your cardstock!

A tote filled with fuse beans and labeled to show how you can label kids art supplies

Labeling Your Dreambox Storage Totes

For the labels, I toyed around with lots of designs and ultimately decided that I liked the clean designs best, I also preferred small labels so that they didn’t get too busy.

Ultimately I decided that I wanted to make the labels out of vinyl sticker paper because I wanted to be able to easily remove and replace them if my needs ever changed and I wanted to use the totes differently!

Regular vinyl would have been prettier but harder to remove (imagine taking each letter off up to 80 totes!).

Working with glossy vinyl and doing print and cut can be tricky but I have a super easy and inexpensive trick – check it out below!

I chose to make the stickers for my stuff look different than the stickers for the kid’s stuff. For the kids’ labels I chose a fun rainbow design that’s fun but still minimal. You can get a copy of my label design by clicking here and customize them to your needs!

Using My Cricut To Fuel My Obsession

Can I let you in on a little secret? I literally got my Cricut machine because I wanted to make labels. That’s it. I love to organize my house and have things labeled beautifully!

I love organizing that much that I knew the Cricut would be perfect…and now that I’ve got the DreamBox as well, I find that I use my Cricut for so many more things! I’m so excited to share more of my Cricut adventures with you!

If you want to learn more about the Dreambox and if it’s right for you, make sure to had to my full review and snag my coupon! CreateRoom DreamBox Review + Coupon!: How To Organize Your Craft Room

Want something smaller?

The Dreambox is amazing but you may want something smaller… Did you know that they also make a Dream Cart? It costs way less and is much smaller! Click here and make sure to use my exclusive coupon code “CREATEMOMDC” to get $50 off a DreamCart!

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