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Do you have wavy or curly hair that is undefined, unruly, and well… a poof? That’s how my hair was for decades. If you’re looking for a way to finally take control of your hair and make it magazine worthy, then read on! I finally cracked the code and it’s all about the right technique and brand.

My posts tend to be long, so to help you out, here’s a few of the questions I will answer in this post:

  • What’s my frizzy and curly hair story?
  • How do I tame my frizzy curly hair?
  • How do I manage curly and frizzy hair
  • How do I stop my hair from being frizzy?
  • What products should I use on frizzy curly or wavy hair?
  • How should I apply product to my curly hair?

Oh and…There’s a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post too!

Okay so let’s get start! First, I’d like to tell you a bit about my story and how I learned what I’m about to share.

My Frizzy, Curly, Wavy Hair Story

I have a TON of hair. Like enough hair for 3 or 4 people and it’s FRIZZY! Omg is it frizzy. Plus I’m in my 30s too which means that I was in high school when stick straight hair was in. When I say straight, I mean so straight that it looked like you could cut yourself on it! For years I would straightening my hair all the time. I NEVER let it dry without applying some amount of heat to it. I could never get it straight enough though and my hair’s natural wave would always rear its “ugly” head within just an hour or two!


At first I would blow dry it straight and if I did it myself it would take almost 2 hours. Then it would be gorgeous for about 10 minutes and then POOF! You would think that I’d learn my lesson and stop but I didn’t know any other way to care for my hair. If I did anything but attempt to straighten it, then the results would look something like this…


Then I discovered mousse and I thought I was in heaven! It only took about half a can (is it called a can?) of mousse for my hair to stay in beautiful frizz free curls. Problem was that (a) it took half a can (b) it dried my hair out like crazy and eventually caused it to break and (c) my hair had no movement whatsoever!

Okay so mousse wasn’t the answer. I moved on…

Then I discovered this amazing hair iron. It’s the ONLY one that can straighten my hair. To my delight, it only took me 45… yes 45… minutes to straighten it with a hair iron. (Hell, it takes me about 20 to come close to drying it with the hair dryer let alone straighten it!). To this day, I’ll use this hair iron if I HAVE to straighten my hair but at 30+ years old, I didn’t want to be a slave to my hair iron or blow dryer anymore! Plus, I wanted to be able to grow my hair long again (so I could wear my hair in cute braids or buns on a bad hair day). Clearly, I couldn’t be wrecking my hair with heat if I wanted to grow it long.

For nearly a year I wore my hair in a braid so that I could grow it long and not deal with the frizz. Once it got really long (as in just a few inches above my waist), I was able to dry my hair in beautiful waves by just letting it dry in 3-4 small buns while I slept! This was a game changer for me!

Then it happened. I forgot how much I struggled with my hair when it was shorter and I decided to donate my hair. I cut most of it off and then… The frizz and poof came back it it was way too short to dry in buns! How did I forget how difficult my hair was?


I needed a solution and FAST because I couldn’t go back to straightening it again!

I tried tons of products and then I discovered my new favorite haircare brand – DevaCurl!

I’ll be 100% upfront with you – since discovering DevaCurl, I have partnered with them! Wouldn’t you do the same? 🙂 They have agreed to giveaway some of my favorite items to one lucky winner! If you win, you’ll get one of every one of my favorite items as a prize! That makes this a sponsored post but trust me… From one frizzy hair girl to another… I wouldn’t have partnered with them if I didn’t love their products!!

To make this post as helpful as possible I did some research into the type of questions my fellow curly, wavy, and frizzy hair’d girls have and I’m going to do my best to answer them based on my own experiences and findings! Let’s gets started!

How do I tame my frizzy curly hair?

I see questions like “how do I stop my hair from getting frizzy” all over the web! You’ve probably heard “moisture is the solution to frizzy hair” and this is true but it’s not the complete answer! You could moisturize your hair all day long but it could still get frizzy. Frizzy hair needs more moisture but it’s only one small piece of the puzzle. Here are some other things you need to be aware of in order to tame the frizz!

  1. Avoid heat! Everyone should probably avoid applying heat to their hair but especially if you have frizzy hair! If you must apply heat, keep the heat on a low setting (low heat and low blast if using a hair dryer). A diffuser is even better!
  2. Touch your hair as little as possible! Frizzy hair’s cuticle is raised and when you touch your hair, you disrupt it even more! There is a HUGE difference in my hair if I let it be and if I touch it. Even just touching it a little is bad news!
  3. Treat it very very carefully when wet. When you brush it through in the shower, do it while there is conditioner in your hair and use your fingers as a comb. If you MUST use an actual comb, use a wide-tooth comb.
  4. Avoid products with sulfates and alcohol!

How do I manage curly and frizzy hair?

Now for the curls…. The number one rule for managing curly hair is to disrupt the curls as little as possible until they are 100% dry!

You want to apply the product while your hair is wet and then touch it as little as possible until it’s completely dry. The only thing I touch my curls with when they are drying is the diffuser. Even then, I only use it to partially dry my hair. The diffuser still counts as touching your hair so use it sparingly if you can!

curly hair tips

What products should I use on frizzy curly or wavy hair?

So my hair is a combination of wavy (in the front) and curly and frizzy (in the back). I needed to find a product that was not only great for those hair types, but would help me make my hair look cohesive!

I must have tried 10+ different lines of cury hair products before trying DevaCurl. I’m a frugal girl, so I had hoped to find a brand at Target or CVS that would do the trick but nothing worked! Here’s what did and why…

Devacurl No-Poo & One Condition “Shampoo” and Conditioner

Have you heard of the “No-Poo” method? The idea is that shampoos today are harsh and strip your hair of the natural oils your hair needs. This results in unhealthy hair that needs more care and handling than it should! You can learn more about it here.

This shampoo and conditioner is free of harsh chemicals, it’s sulfate free and silicone free. This means that it won’t strip your hair AND it also won’t cause buildup like most hair products (especially conditioners) will.

Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel

This product is my true secret weapon. If I could only have one hair product it would be this!

Even within the Devacurl product lines, there are multiple hair gels and creams to pick from. Technically I should probably be using one of the other ones because this one is meant for more curly hair than mine but this is by far the best one for me and probably you too!

For starters, it’s water soluble. This means that your hair and hand won’t be sticky after you’re done applying it and it will wash off cleanly the next time you wash your hair. Yay! No buildup!

Next, it’s designed to be applied to wet hair! Remember above I talked about not messing your hair when it’s drying? This product is meant to be applied to super wet hair so that you can do just that!

Then there’s the cast. Yes, CAST.

As your hair dries, the product forms a cast around your hair. This helps your hair hold its beautiful shape and remain completely undesturbed a it dries! This means less frizz! Seriously… MUCh. LESS. FRIZZ!

But don’t worry! The cast isn’t permanent, I’ll explain more about it soon…

DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask

This mask is amazing! For starters, it’s made with Matcha! (Okay, I’m going through a Matcha phase and I add it to just about everything… don’t mind me!)

Everyone knows that frizzy hair needs moisture and this is the most decadent moisturizing mask you’ll likely ever see! Then since it’s silicone free and water soluble, you know that it will moisturize your hair for real! It isn’t just putting a layer of moisture on top of your hair that will never wash away without the help of detergents. This is TRUE moisture that goes into your hair without causing buildup.  I’m in love with it and considering using this instead of my conditioner but then “too much of a good thing” comes to mind!

DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Seaweed Strengthening Mask

Since I want to grow my hair super long again, I was so excited when this came out! This mask is packed full of ingredients that will strengthen your hair and reduce frizz! Like the other mask, it’s silicone and build-up-causing-ingredient free! I’ll be honest… I sometimes mix this max with the moisture mask and kill two birds with one stone! After the first time I did that, my hair practically changed color! It went from dull to bright, shiny and even bouncier than it had been! I love it!!

How should I apply these product to my curly hair?

DevaCurl products are unique so the method for applying them is a bit different.

First, if you’re new to the No-Poo method, you’ll want to clarify your hair first to remove all the non-water-soluble build-up from your hair! The DevaCurl Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum is a great option because it’s super gentle on your hair but it’s effective enough to get all the gross build up off! You’ll be amazed at what a difference just this ONE product will have one your hair! (Even once you fully adopt the no-poo method, you’ll find that it still does a great job at refreshing your hair and removing buildup you may have thanks to environmental factors!

    1. Saturate your hair with water and then massage some of the No-Poo cleanser mentioned above in your hair. Make sure to really massage it into your scalp. Don’t scratch and be sure to not over tangle your hair…Then rinse out.
    2. Apply the One Condition from roots to ends. Be super gentle with your hair as you do this. Massage it into your scalp, spread all over your hair and then gently detangle your hair using just your fingers if you can. Be gentle and try not to tug at your hair. In stead spread the hair apart with your fingers or hands as needed. Take your time…
    3. Then rinse out the conditioner. I know some rinse it out only partially but personally I rinse it out a 100%!
    4. I then add a tiny (pea sized) drop of conditioner to my hands and get it wet. I then rake this through my hair. The reason I do it this way is simple – it lets me know just how much conditioner I’m leaving in my hair. (Call me a control freak if needed… I’m okay with that!)
    5. At this point my hair is still soaking wet. That’s good! I flip my hair over and gently brush out just the front part of my hair with my fingers (GENTLY!). I don’t touch the back. By brushing out just the front, I’m able to add a bit more volume to the very front without making a complete mess of my hair.
    6. I then add a generous amount of the Ultra Defining Gel to my hair. This is where the real magic happens. I’ll do it in three parts…
        • First I put a 1-2 quarter sized amount in my hands (remember that I have a ton of hair) and then essentially wipe it across all my hair. By wipe, I mean that I just slide my palm down the entire length of my hair without disturbing the hair at all.
        • Then gently separate my hair in two. I take another quarter sized amount of gel and use my fingers to slide it down in between the two parts of my hair to make sure that I don’t just apply gel on the outside. Not that i’m not combing everywhere. Since my hair is super yet and the gel is water soluble it will soon distribute itself…
        • I add one more drop of gel to my hands and apply it to just the front part of my hair that I combed out in step 5 to make sure that the front will be extra-well defined. This is my “wavy” part so it needs all the extra help developing curls it can get!
    7. Then I scrunch very carefully! Using your hands, scrunch small sections of hair at a time. I find that this helps develop curls and distribute the product. Just don’t over-do it! If you scrunch too much you end up with frizzy hair! Scrunch each section only 1-2 times and then move on. Less is more!
    8. Since your hair os soaking wet at this point, you’ll need to dry a little. Using the Deva-Towel (specially designed to minimize frizz!) or an old but clean t-shirt, gently dab your hair just enough that it’s not soaking wet anymore.
    9. Celebrate your amazing job while your hair air dries! (Ice cream is an appropriate snack while you celebrate!)

curly hair tips

Wet hair with product applied. Don’t touch!!

As your hair dries you’ll notice a hard cast forming around your hair. Don’t panic! This isn’t the crunchy hair effect that was popular in 1999! Once it’s completely dry, gently scrunch your hair one last time – just one per section. The cast will immediately break apart and disappear and you’ll be left with untouched curls! For me the cast dramatically reduces frizz and gives me much bouncer curls. My theory is that the cast almost works like the diffuser but without the heat. It holds your curls in place as it dries rather than letting them fall limp and get blown around by the wind or as you move. It’s amazing!

This last step is optional but does wonders for my hair. I then separate my curls. I find curls that seem intertwined and gently pull them apart so they are no longer locked. This dramatically increases the amount of movement in my hair!

So there you have it! That’s what I use, why, and how I use it! I hope you’ll give it a try and then comment below and let me know what you think!

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