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Have you heard of CARA Cat? I think the brand is new to the USA so you may not yet have heard of them. I’m really excited to share my review of their products with you! Like most product reviews, this is a sponsored post, but the opinions are 100% my own.

If you’re a regular reader on my blog, you already know that I’m not a fan of clutter. I’m really picky about what I bring into my house and that includes toys and trinkets. (I know what you’re thinking, and YES! I loathe goody bags… but that’s for another day.) In any case, I DO love to make my kids happy and I DO want to let them have the things that catch their eye. It’s a really fine line between indulging them and not spoiling them… while also avoiding bringing too much stuff into the house!

My oldest is very tactile and LOVES anything soft or with a nice texture. Both kids love cute animals too. As soon as I came across CARA Cat, I knew that if I let my kids see the products they’d get hooked. I was right…

For toys or any kid product to make it’s way into my house it needs to be:

  • High Quality – I have boys. Rough boys. It’s got to be able to stand up to lots of rough housing.
  • Non-Toxic – Let’s face it. Toys and plushies end up in kids mouthes… and who wants their kid putting something toxic in their mouth right?
  • Easy to Clean – Nothing is worse than a toy or a teddy bear that is just impossible to clean or says “dry clean only”. Really? A kid’s item is dry clean only? Please….
  • Bonus points for handmade! – Who doesn’t love products that weren’t born on a conveyor belt?

CARA Cat meets all these criteria and more! But i’ll get to that soon…

Though their products may seem geared to girls at first glance, lots of their products are unisex and even my “all boy” boys loved them! Whether it’s a blanket, plushie, neck pillow, back pack or anything else… there are TONS of super cute items for your girls and boys.

What is CARA Cat?

It’s this cute little cat that appears on all their products either as an applique or as the item itself!! My kids instantly fell in love with it!

Our Two Favorite Cara Cat Products

The boys played with a ton of different products and they fought over who got to play with which. Here’s a sneak peak of them playing my little “product testers”…

First up – The CARA Cat Pillow

Naturally they had to wrestle over the pillow. Isn’t that what you do with pillows?

Big brother won and tried to take a little nap, but in the end his little brother got to keep it.

Yup… it’s upside down but oh well! He’s comfortable for now! (I can’t remember where the little man went off to but he’ll be back!)

Then came the CARA Cat Neck Pillow

My oldest LOVES to sleep and can fall asleep just about anywhere. No joke… I’ve found him on the floor under a pile of stuffed animals – twice. I was actually hoping that he’d love this neck pillow because I’ve been meaning to get him one for the car. It hurts me to see the way he falls asleep sometimes! Sure enough he did.

But before he got a chance to try it out, his little brother decided to test it out first. Just look at that face! It’s like he knows that he’s not supposed to be playing with it right now!

Then big brother got a chance to try it out and he’s been wearing it (almost) ever since!

I even caught him wearing it while playing video games!

The Runners-Up:

Okay… How cute is this? This 2-in-1 Pillow/Mat is so cute. My kids just wanted to hug it!

The mat is a perfect size for a baby or young toddler to play on. In the picture above you see it unzipped and folded in HALF! Plus, since it zips up into a little carrying “case” it seems like the perfect mat for on the go.

They also really loved this cute little backpack!

And how cute is this Baby Sleeping Bag?! It looks perfect for keeping your munchkin comfy and warm no matter where you are but unfortunately I don’t have a baby to test it out with right now!

So you know my boys love CARA Cat…

Why do I love CARA Cat?

Remember my criteria above?

CARA Cat products are handmade so every item is a little unique and made handcrafted with care and love!

The products are also made of 100% premium cotton, environmentally friendly dyes and are durable enough to survive multiple rounds in a washing machine! – This is a must with kids, right?

Many of the products are made with Silver ION Technology – this gives it anti-microbial properties. Basically, any product of theirs that comes in contact with the skin (like baby products, pillow cases, bolster cover, slippers, and garments) have the Silver ION technology… Also a must with little ones (especially in my house of boys).

And then there are the super cute CARA Cat that appears on all the products in the form of the product, an appliques or as embroidery. It’s so nice to have a change from the mass-produced characters we’re so used to and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a cute kitty!

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CARA Cat is the cutest baby, toddler, and kid products on the market! Cut character, cotton, handmade and even have Silver ION Technology to make them antibacterial! Repin for later or click to read more about why my kids and I love them!CARA Cat is the cutest baby, toddler, and kid products on the market! Cut character, cotton, handmade and even have Silver ION Technology to make them antibacterial! Repin for later or click to read more about why my kids and I love them!