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Even though our bathrooms should be the safest and most serene areas of our homes, they’re actually full of hidden dangers you’re not even aware of. This is especially true for our kids and unless you teach them how to avoid a possible catastrophe, they’re probably going to get themselves hurt, one way or another. Therefore, you must first identify problematic spots in your bathroom and learn more about dangers lurking your children before fixing them as soon as possible. Here are some of the most troublesome issues you should focus on.

Sharp edges

This is the biggest problem in modern bathrooms packed with much-needed vanities and cabinets – these contain all your essentials, but also pose a real threat to your kids. Whether they’re just learning how to walk or aimlessly running around the house all day long, they’re in danger of injuring their heads on sharp edges.

Since you can’t have a bathroom without proper storage space, nor you can remove your vanities and cabinets, think outside the box. Child-proofing your bedroom and living room usually comes down to protecting them against bumping into sharp corners, so do the same in the bathroom as well. Using plumbing foam pipe insulation and some duct tape makes this project easy and cheap, yet highly effective, and it will do wonders for your child’s safety.


Chemicals and cleaning supplies are another thing you simply have to have in your bathroom even though they’re actually more dangerous than you can realize. Experts find these supplies to be quite toxic and able to cause “acute, or immediate, hazards such as skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or chemical burns” and even chronic diseases such as cancer, so you need to keep them far away from your kids.

Unfortunately, there’s no effective way to do so, particularly if your children are curious and love exploring hidden corners of your home. Hence, use the most obvious solution and keep them away from their reach – high cupboards are, therefore, just the hiding place you were looking for.

Slips and falls

Bathrooms are slippery and children are clumsy – therefore, slips and falls are an everyday occurrence with small kids who’re still getting accustomed to standing on their own two feet. It’s your job to see which parts of the bathroom are the most dangerous and then, introduce some protection to the whole picture. Only that way will you create a safe environment for your kids and help them stay up.

While most parents enjoy taking a quick shower, kids love nothing more than bathing, so instead of potentially dangerous walk-in showers, install a safe and comfortable tub into your bathroom. These spacious bath tubs might also be the best place to put some non-slip mats that will ensure your kids never slip and fall again. Finally, add a few non-slip rugs that will keep them safe once they step out of the tub and onto the wet floor.

Toilet seat

Just because your children are still not using the toilet and prefer sticking to their potty instead doesn’t mean the toilet won’t seem like the most interesting thing in the world to them. It’s mysterious, unavailable and, above all, forbidden, so they just love exploring it and sticking their fingers into the toilet seat, which is especially dangerous. So, the first time you see your kids doing so, talk to them and explain why that’s not such a good idea.

Another way to solve this problem is by installing toilet locks. These nifty little things serve multiple purposes and not only keep your child’s fingers safe and away from falling toilet seats that injure thousands every year, but also protect them against falling into the toilet, which is one of the biggest concerns of today’s parents. Moreover, these locks prevent kids from throwing their toys into the toilet and drinking toilet water, which is something lots of young boys and girls love doing.

Accidents in bathrooms happen quicker than you can anticipate and you have to keep an eye on your kids at all times. Only that way can you be sure they’re safe and sound and understand why proper bathroom behavior can ultimately save their lives.


Find out what dangers could be lurking in your kid's bathroom! Don't overlook the things they interact with every day!

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