Welcome! I’m so excited that you found my blog! I’d love to introduce myself and I can’t wait to learn more about you!

I started The Analytical Mommy because I wanted to create a blog for the modern busy mom who wanted “real-mom” stuff. I mean the kind of stuff veteran mommas do, not the stuff “perfect” moms do. You know what I mean!

The Analytical Mommy is where you can find real-life tested hacks, detailed guides to help you become an expert quickly, and now quick and easy recipes that are perfect for any night of the week and crafts for when you just want a minute of creative me-time!

I hope you’ll always fine my posts useful and that you’ll be able to hit the ground running with the information, tools, templates, and ideas I give you! I work extra hard to make sure that when you come here, you get what you were looking for quickly!

Whether it’s through a very detailed post, free downloadable templates, recommendations based on experience, or my video tutorials!

Motherhood is intense! It takes a lot of work and commitment. You work hard for your family so you need to get useful information quickly! Whether that’s a time saving hack, a recipe for dinner 30 minutes from now, or the perfect craft because you finally have 10 minutes to yourself!

We post at least 2 new posts, sometimes more, so this is a great place for the latest and greatest!

Here a few examples of my most popular posts to get you started!

About Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel! I’m a mom of three boys with a full time job who loves to share on TheAnalyticalMommy.com and on Instagram and Tiktok! I started The Analytical Mommy when my second was just a newborn. It wasn’t my first blog, but from the beginning this blog felt very different.

When he was born I thought to myself “I’ve been through all this before, it’ll be a breeze!”


I quickly realized that in the 4 years since my first was born, so much had changed in the baby world. I was more aware and picky as a mom so I had changed. I had also forgotten so much!

The Analytical Mommy started out as my way to chronicle what I was “relearning” and what was new. I hoped that others would find my blog and that it would help that, but that wasn’t really my initial goal.

I knew we’d try for a third kid in the future and I didn’t wan to feel lost. By recording the tips and tricks I figured out along the way, I knew I’d be able to lean on them again if we had a third kid. (oh and by the way, we did have a third kid and I found refreshing my memory with my blog posts so helpful1).

Well, after my first few posts went live, I started seeing comments and emails coming thanking me for the information! Especially with respect to my breastfeeding posts like my one about how to get a better latch and my lactation cookie recipe!

My post about the methods I used to avoid my oldest becoming jealous of the new baby also proved to become a quick favorite!

The feedback I got was so encouraging that The Analytical Mommy you see today was born!

I became committed to sharing my tips, tricks, hacks and guides with other moms!

And then as my life as a mom evolved, so too did my blog. I began to share quick and easy recipes that are perfect for busy moms. Then as my kids got older and I began to have more time for myself, I began to turn to art and crafting again as a way to unwind and make beautiful stuff for friends and family – so I began to share those tutorials too!

You’re not one dimensional, neither am I … so why should The Analytical Mommy be?

I hope you love this one-stop-shop I’ve made to help you on your motherhood journey!

Now it’s your turn! I would absolutely love to learn more about you!

Shoot me an email at [email protected] and let me know more about you and what you’d like to see more of on here!

Talk to you soon!

P.S. Oh, I almost forgot… The name, “Analytical Mommy” came about because all my life I’ve been called “analytical” because of how I love to break down problem and find easy solutions! So, the name made sense! What do you think?