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You may have read my previous blogs (From Athena’s Desk and Chic Magazine). A few years ago I stopped writing on those blogs and started a family. Now I’m married with two beautiful little boys and while I work full-time, I find that my life revolves around my kids!

I launched this blog in August 2016 and it is a bit different than my previous blogs. This one is a Mommy Lifestyle blog. It’s dedicated to all things family – parenting tips and hacks I’ve learned along the way, kid and family related product reviews, family friendly recipes, giveaways and more!
To this day, my most popular post seems to be a post called “The BEST way to prevent jealousy between siblings when bringing baby home

I named this blog The Analytical Mommy because for as long as I can remember, I’ve been told that I’m super analytical! What does that mean? Well, I like to think things through, I try to be super logical. I also try to be efficient and waste as little time as I possibly can. For example, I like doing everyday things in an order and way that helps me get them done as quickly as possible so that I have more time to enjoy with my family. I try to share my tips and advice, as well as products  that I love, in this blog. That way you can benefit from my need to (sometimes) over-think life in an effort to be happier!

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